Saffron Tech helps your local search results get noticed by local customers. Our versatile team members help clients in the digital landscape to build their brand and grow with more efficiency. Our experts can convert your mobile app idea into a technically robust, tangible, and easy-to-use application with the best user interface.

With our cohesive mobile search engine optimization strategy and campaigns, we reach your target audience with engaging and unique calls to action.

Our Servies

Page Load Speed

Our mobile page loading speed optimization helps with proper browser caching, optimizing images, reducing code and redirects.

Responsive Web Design

Our experts know how to serve all mobile devices with the right type of code which will automatically adjust according to the screen size of the device.

Dynamic Serving

We make dynamic serving to help the same content appear when crawled through the desktop agent as well.

Separate URLs

Our professionals create separate URLs for serving desktop and mobile-optimized content.

Embedding video and images

We make sure that HTML5 usage is consistent, non-flash elements on the pages and videos are optimized for certain browsers, and menu/text/images are verified for executed display.

Why us?

  • We create content keeping the user’s perspective and mobile keywords into consideration.
  • With clear navigation and large tap targets for touch screens, we make it easily accessible for the user.
  • Our professionals help you with optimizing your app store.
  • Effective readability with large text that is legible on every screen.
  • We focus on the core ranking of your website.
  • Our experts are always available to fix mobile-friendly errors.

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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