Cloud computing is no more a new kid on the block as it has been changing the way we have worked over the decades. There are many cloud computing applications that have proved to be a game-changer for professionals, but cloud-based applications are surely the most revolutionary one.

There are many things that shape a cloud-based application, especially when it is an enterprise development solution but above all, the programmer needs to focus on the programming language being used. Not every programmer will follow the regularly repeated advice to learn new languages but those who do will get a competitive edge in the market. And then there are some programming jobs that require programmers to regularly brush up on new programming languages

Just like SEO and the market trends, the programming language trend in the world of the cloud-based apps keeps on changing and that’s why it becomes crucial to keep tabs on what’s currently being used. In this blog post, we will discuss the topmost trending programming languages to leverage for enterprise application development in 2020.


From just being a general-purpose programming language, Java has transformed itself into a trending cloud-based language. The popularity of Java among expert developers is overwhelming and according toOracle, there are currently more than 9 million programmers using Java from all around the world. You will be surprised to know that Java has even been executed in more than 15 billion terminals.

One of the most unique things about Java that makes it a far cry from other programming languages is its diversity. This unique feature of Java makes it perfect for any programming task and for any platform (games, Android, computers, and websites).

There is a surely a long list of advantages offered by Java but some of the highlights of this popular programming language are:

  • Easy to learn for rookie programmers
  • The language has been optimized to be used without any issues.
  • Since it is object-oriented, the codes can be reused and modular programs can be easily created.
  • Not restricted to the platform and that’s why it can be easily shifted from one system to another.


This development platform is widely popular among developers for enterprise application development. You should know that this advanced programming language has been designed by Microsoft and it comes equipped with a myriad of functions. There is a large group of programmers that chooses ASP.Net as their preferred enterprise application development technology and just like JAVA, using ASP.NET is very easy.

The native support provided by Azure cloud makes this programming language more consistent than others for asp net enterprise application development. Along with this, the powerful tooling and extensive libraries simplify the development process while enhancing the outcome.

One of the best things that you will love about ASP.NET in cloud development is its optimized computer power usage along with exceptional performance. The different types of features that come baked right into ASP.NET supports parallel algorithm, modern language construction, composability and LINQ.

Some highlights of ASP.NET are:

  • Not limited to script language and therefore, you can use .NET languages like J#, C#, VB, etc.
  • Advanced features like early binding, caching service, JIT compilation, and native optimization streamline the asp net enterprise application development process.
  • Provides complete support for CSS, XML, and many other web standards.
  • Built-in configuration information makes asp net enterprise application development effective.


The basic idea of Python might have originated in 1989 but even after 31 years of its existence, it is still a trending cloud-based programming language for enterprise application development.

Its unique ability to process and manipulate large data sets makes it stand out from all other programming languages. If a programmer is dealing with machine learning, streaming analytics systems, and neural networks, then Python will be the most suitable programming language for him.

All popular and established cloud providers support Python and this makes it easy for programmers to work with it. You will be dumbfounded to know that popular cloud-based applications like Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify, all are based on powered by Python. The fewer programming code and the versatile nature of Python make it a popular cloud-based programming language for enterprise application development.

The most talked-about features of Python are:

  • The unique and useful Python Package Index or PyPI comes equipped with various third-party modules that allow Python to easily interact with different platforms.
  • Because of the OSI-approved open source license, it is free to use and share.
  • Comes equipped with built-in list and dictionary data structures.


The lightning-fast speed and high level of scalability have allowed Node.js to make it to the list of top trending programming languages of 2020. Programmers love using Node.js because of its user-friendliness and end-to-end application development feature. Node.js has become a standalone name in the industry because JavaScript has made it to the top of the list of most popular programming languages.

In the node by numbers report published in the year 2018, there were 368, 985, 988 downloads of Node.js. The numbers itself speaks about the popularity of this robust platform. But you should know that Node.js is not specifically a programming language, rather it is a Javascript run-time environment that aids in the execution of JavaScript Code server site.

Some recognized features and perks of Node.Js are:

  • Easy to scale in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Used as a single programming language
  • Support from an experienced and large community
  • Highly extensible

Choosing the best programming language from the above list will mainly depend on the application’s size, architecture, and other specifications. There is nothing like the best programming language since each one of them has its own pros and cons. Go through each trending programming language mentioned in this blog post and choose the best one for enterprise application development.

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