Saffron emphasizes on organizing regular training sessions for the team members regarding the new updates in the technology field. This month, the training session theme was “Major Development in the Digital World”.

The training session commenced with a formal introduction regarding the subject and proceeded to clarify new changes introduced by Google and how to deal with them effectively. The training session ended capsulating small yet crucial points on digital marketing.   

Some highlights from the discussion are:

  • Smart Bidding through Machine
  • Local Search Ads displayed on Google Maps
  • Responsive Display Ads

At Saffron, we believe in offering best services to our clientele. And due to this reason, we conduct regular training session for all the team members. These sessions create constant drive of skill improvement among the employees, which helps our company achieve it’s vision.

Workplace communication is crucial for the growth of every organization. Our business involves work distribution across different departments, which makes interaction an integral part. Keeping this in mind, our HR department conducted friendly discussions and other social activities to improve our internal communication and client interaction. This discussion included many effective tips on how to analyze the required mode of communication on different situations and ways to create an effective communication through emails. A best communication cycle consist of both, the capability being an observant listener and also grit to ask queries.

Employee Training Session Amplified in Saffron

The entire atmosphere was full of exuberant after the training session got over. Team members were treated with refreshments and enjoyed a down time together.  We are hoping to see immense results through these training sessions in the coming future.

SaffronTech has decided to introduce weekly staff meetings, both intra and inter department to improve coordination among the team members, which will result in smoother workflow environment. These training sessions help us enhance and motivate team building efforts and provide a platform to share the ideas and views that will help everyone excel at their job. We have planned many future workshops to build upon our success.

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