We are currently living in a technology-driven era where innovations are disrupting the stringent strategies used by industries. Gone are those days when technological solutions were limited to only the IT sector as in the modern era, every industry out there is thriving on technological solutions and the same goes for the healthcare sector as well.

There are many people who still think that the healthcare industry is the slowest when it comes down to technological adoption but you should know that modern-day entrepreneurs are now challenging this notion by taking advantage of on-demand healthcare apps.

There is no surprise in the way on-demand healthcare apps are affecting both medical facilities and patients. Technological innovations have been affecting our lives on a very large scale from a very long period of time now. Through this blog post, we will explore the rise of healthcare apps and explore how Saffron Tech can help you win the race of creating the best on-demand healthcare app.

Why are on-demand healthcare apps on the rise?

On-demand apps have become the star of most of the industries, especially startups. Apps like Uber and Postmates have completely revolutionized the market by providing enhanced customer service and that too at a competent price.

It’s true that the healthcare industry is one of the most important industries in the U.S but its evolution has been far too slow in the last couple of decades. There was a survey conducted in the top 15 cities of the U.S. and it was found that it takes more than 24 hours for any patient to book an appointment with a doctor. Even with a higher doctor-to-patient ratio, the time taken in booking appointments is mostly high in most of the cities.

The on-demand healthcare apps are on the rise because they are solving these real-life problems faced by people looking for healthcare facilities. If a patient is suffering from a mild fever or any other discomfort then instead of waiting for a whole day, he can simply use the app on his smartphone to book an appointment or request a physician to even visit his house. This acts as a big relief for patients and this is one of the most important reasons why we are witnessing a rise of on-demand healthcare apps.

Benefits of on-demand healthcare apps

Reduced healthcare spending

According to the reports published by Health Affairs, the specially designed House call program for senior citizens can decrease the hospitalization rate to a great extent and it will also reduce healthcare spending. By cutting down the cost of unnecessary ER visits, the overall cost of medical care will be reduced by on-demand healthcare apps.

Better interaction with patients

Most of the doctors only spend 10–15 minutes on each patient since they have others waiting outside. With a little bit of briefing, the diagnosis and treatment are not that effective and even this issue can be resolved with on-demand apps. With house-visit through these apps, doctors will never have to worry about time and this will improve the medication, diagnosis, and treatment of the ailment.

Reduced paperwork

There have been various studies conducted that showcase that most of the doctors’ time is wasted in paperwork and even this serious issue can be resolved by on-demand apps. By using apps, both doctors and patients will be able to skip the paperwork. This will not only save money spent on conducting and maintaining the paperwork but it will also keep the environment green.

Structure of an on-demand healthcare app

Profile creation

Anyone who installs an on-demand app will need to first create a profile. This keeps a track of the users and removes the hassle of feeding the details every time they need health care services.


This feature of the app will allow the user of the app to create a profile to search for different types of services they can get through the medical facility. In addition to this, the user can also use this feature to search for anything available on the app.


The booking option allows the users to book an appointment with the doctors they have searched for just with a simple click. 

Multiple payment options

Offering multiple payment options in the app is advisable since it removes the hassle for the patients.

Live tracking functions

The person who has booked an appointment and made the payment should also be able to track the status of his appointment.

SOS feature

This feature will allow the user to press a single button on their phone and get in touch with medical professionals. It can be very useful in emergency cases.

Push notifications

The app should be able to send notifications about the availability of doctors, the status of appointment, and all the necessary information that the patient might need.

Push notifications

How can we help?

Saffron Tech is one of the most leading and reputed app development companies with a specialization in wearable app development service for the healthcare industry, especially on-demand healthcare app development. If you are planning to get an on-demand healthcare app developed then Saffron Tech will help you through the below-mentioned processes.

App concept

All good on-demand healthcare apps begin with a great idea or conception and that’s why Saffron Tech begins its journey of app development with the establishment of app concepts. By considering the current problems and potential solutions, we are able to come up with some of the best ideas for your healthcare app.

By immersing our experts in the problematic space, we are able to come up with app concepts that will help our clients to solve their problems. This stage sets the base for any app and that’s why we dedicate a lot of time and effort into it.

Business analysis

After establishing a solid app concept, we move on to the business analysis process since any app development starts with Q&A sessions, discovery, and a thorough analysis of the demand and needs. You should know that business analysis is fundamental since it makes sure that the app will go on to become successful. With the help of business analysis, we are able to:-

  • Identify core features
  • Define the metrics for success
  • Foresee the project gaps
  • Align deliverables with expectations
  • Improve the efficiency of the development process
  • Come up with new ideas

App designing

After proper business analysis, we move on to the stage of app designing in order to deliver effortless and seamless user experience along with a polished look. We know that the success of any on-demand healthcare app is determined by how the users are benefiting from the features of the app and how easily they are adapting to it.

Our main goal of this stage is to create an excellent user experience by making your healthcare app user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive. With polished UI design, we help our clients in early adoptions, and with intuitive user experience, we help our clients to keep the users engaged.

App development

The development phase begins quite early on. Once we observe that the idea has started maturing, our developers start working on a prototype for validating the functionality, scope of work, and assumptions.

There are many stages through which the app goes during development like developing various parts of the code, the preliminary stage, development environment, and finally the creation of the app that can be installed and tested. You can say that in this step, we deal with the actual realization and coding of the app.

Quality assurance

By conducting thorough quality assurance of the on-demand healthcare app, we are able to make the app more stable, secure, and usable. In order to conduct comprehensive QA testing of the app, we prepare a test case that covers all the aspects of app testing.

The test cases are used by our app development team for test casing, recording testing results, and also for keeping tabs on fixes for retesting.

App launch

This phase marks the beginning of the market phase of the app. This mainly requires the deployment of the backend before the on-demand healthcare app can be offered on app stores for download. We even do a soft-launch first in the app stores in the form of a beta version to get early feedback regarding the app.

Finally, we publish the on-demand healthcare app on Google Play Store/ Apple Store/ or an enterprise store as it depends on the type of app and the demand of our clients. We also make sure that the app meets the regulations and guidelines of the app store so that our users don’t have to face any problem.

In the upcoming time, we will only witness the rise of on-demand healthcare apps and if you desire to win this race, you need to partner with Saffron Tech and come up with the best on-demand healthcare app that will make things convenient for you and your patients.


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