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Project-based Consulting or IT Staff Augmentation? It may appear that hiring software developers for your company is quite an easy process. Choosing between IT staff augmentation and project-based consulting, on the other hand, might be tricky. As a result, you must assess which solution best suits your company’s needs, the available budget completion time frame, or a timetable.

Whether a major corporation or a small startup, outsourcing your information technology services might be wise. However, with so many alternatives available to businesses, how can you choose which is ideal for you? Both offer advantages in some instances, but they also have drawbacks when evaluated side by side.

In an ever-competitive economy, businesses are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional employment to save costs. When evaluating the viability and desirability of alternative resource recruiting choices, one of the most typically evaluated alternatives is staff augmentation vs. project-based consultancy services. Suppose you are considering outsourcing your next project but aren’t sure which option to choose; contact the experts at Saffron Tech.

Before we get into the specifics of staff augmentation vs. project-based consulting, let’s look at each of these approaches individually to see how they function.

IT Staff Augmentation Or Project-based Consulting? What To Choose
Source: Pexels

What Do Understand By Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is simply engaging a skilled resource on a project-by-project basis to bolster the in-house team. The main keywords here are “temporary” and “expert,” which indicates that the staff is not considered a permanent team member and is not eligible for any medical or other benefits beyond the mutually-agreed pay package.

As staff is an expert resource, the company is not required to spend time and money training them; instead, they will have the experience and expertise needed to complete the project right away. Regarding staff augmentation versus consulting, the former is a newer concept that fills in the gaps left by project-based consulting services.

Bringing in outside support as staff augmentation can help a company meet its requirements. Contacting a staffing agency can help you find qualified and experienced candidates for your firm. They can join your company to help you with the extended work. However, the contract between you and the staff augmentation firm completely relies on the duration.

Let’s quickly move on to the advantages and disadvantages of the Staff Augmentation and Project-based Consulting:

  • Advantages Of Staff Augmentation

Hiring more people could give a slew of advantages. The company saves money on the hired resource’s training and development. When temporarily hiring professional staff for a project, the corporation is not responsible for costs beyond the mutually agreed-upon compensation. Staff augmentation enables businesses to diversify their portfolios beyond core services. It gives businesses the flexibility and agility they require to be competitive.

Furthermore, project managers have greater authority and control over crucial project areas, allowing them to ensure that the project is completed on schedule. Furthermore, having a skilled team on board will protect you from data and identity theft threats. You must, however, keep an eye on every aspect of the job until it is completed. Staff augmentation is also an effective disincentive to employees quitting the company. It allows businesses with significant human resource shortages to quickly and cost-effectively fill open positions.

  • Disadvantages Of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation has several advantages, but it also has some significant drawbacks. While the person you hired may have the technical skills required for the project, you will still need to devote time and money to training them on your company’s internal processes and ensuring that they can adhere to your work culture.

This personnel will also require office space and identification materials such as badges, monitors, desks, and other electronic devices. These extra costs can quickly build up for your firm, especially since hourly staff augmentation prices are usually greater than project-based consulting fees.

Furthermore, while being an expert suggests that they won’t require a lot of resources to manage, you will still need to set aside additional resources to deal with the extra employees. In addition, new people and existing employees may need time to adjust to the new atmosphere, which may delay project completion.

What Is Project-based Consulting?

Most business organizations are preoccupied with one aspect above all else: Expansion. There is no greater threat to most organizations’ growth than a lack of technological capability. When your firm expands, your technology must expand, but many small business owners are unsure how to do it. As a result, project-based consulting can be a beneficial alternative for any expanding company or enterprise organization.

Project-based consulting is also known as outsourcing. When you outsource, you have additional options. You can employ a single web developer using a service such as Upwork. Consider outsourcing your work to a company in another country to save money. You might also hire a local software development company to help you develop your product.

Let’s quickly review the advantages and disadvantages of Project-based Consulting:

  • Advantages Of Project-based Consulting

With a specialized consulting firm on board, you will have easy and swift access to experienced services and project completion on time and within the budget. Most businesses utilize consulting services to outsource non-core business operations like marketing and financial management, which provides a more cost-effective alternative to developing an in-house staff.

An expert consulting organization brings a proactive project management strategy, which helps businesses stay afloat with the obstacles they may face during the project, making well-informed and smarter project-management decisions. Specialized consulting services, with their technical ability and top talent, provide businesses with much-needed peace of mind and assurance that projects will get completed successfully. It also aids in bridging the talent gap and providing rapid expert solutions to augment the portfolio services of the business.

  • Disadvantages Of Project-based Consulting

In comparison to staff augmentation, project-based consultancy services are more expensive. It indicates that if you are working on a low-budget project, you might want to reconsider bringing in a consulting firm. Consulting firms deal with numerous clients at once, which means they may not always be responsive to your requirements. There may be occasions when you need to contact the agency immediately, yet, they may not be able to accommodate your meeting request.

Because consulting firms work on various projects, they may construct premade strategies and try to apply their existing methodologies to yours, which may or may not yield the intended outcomes. As a result, it’s critical to investigate a consulting firm’s reputation, experience, and project management strategy before hiring them for a project.

When Should You Use Project-Based Consulting If You Need It?

You may need a supply chain management expert or someone who can assist you in analyzing data and generating reports to meet a short-term goal, such as a strategy to enter new markets or a report that reveals patterns in your organization’s performance. Consulting firms can supply the required experience and information at a modest cost.

  • When Your Requirements Are Short-Term Or Strategic

Consider the following scenario: you are in charge of training your employees to use a new, tough piece of software before going out into the field for a vital meeting. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing employees in and finding them a workstation. You might also employ a consulting firm with the requisite expertise and experience.

  • When You Require Some Additional Time To Devote To Other Endeavors

Organizations may only be able to allocate limited resources to a single project at a time due to their day-to-day duties. You can focus your efforts on more vital tasks while they handle the intricacies of your project with the support of a consulting firm.

  • When You Need Some Research Before Making The Final Decision

Consider employing a business consultant to assist you in determining the optimal expansion strategy for your firm in the coming years. Consulting firms are an excellent way to learn about different strategies and their potential impact without allocating full-time personnel.

  • When You Require A New Outlook

With the support of consulting businesses, your team can get a fresh perspective from someone who isn’t in your regular work setting, allowing them to discover new opportunities and creative solutions.

When To Employ IT Staff Augmentation?

If you need assistance adopting an ERP system or just getting started with cloud computing, IT staff augmentation is what you need. As a result, you can save money by working on a huge scale. When you find yourself in one of the following situations, you can use staff augmentation:

  • When You Have Temporary Technical Needs

Using a resource augmentation model necessitates self-management. You retain complete control over team and product management in this scenario. It requires you to be tech-savvy as well as a smart manager. An engineer can assist in managing a large-scale social media campaign that requires extensive data collection and analysis. When you need to fill in any gaps in your team’s knowledge quickly, IT staff augmentation can help.

  • When Your Company Lacks The Expertise Required To Complete The Task

A company’s employees must be capable of exceeding expectations. However, there will be times when you cannot get the desired result within the firm. As a result, it’s critical to have some key features for essential competence, such as updating projects, introducing new accounting software, and system installations.

These elements contribute to the development of extensive skills among employees. If your in-house team lacks some of these elements, you can rely on IT staff augmentation to deliver IT expertise when you are in severe need.

  • When You Need Time To Pursue Other Initiatives

When a company’s usual activities prohibit them from completing a significant project on its own, this can happen. With the assistance of a third-party IT service provider, projects get completed more swiftly and efficiently.

  • When You Are In Need Of A New Outlook

IT staff augmentation allows teams to uncover and experiment with previously unimagined ideas and creative ways by bringing in a fresh set of eyes from outside the firm.

Staff Augmentation And Project-Based Consulting: A Lethal Combination

They must collaborate to get the most out of staff augmentation and project-based consultancy. There is not a better pairing as compared to these two. Businesses can receive committed resources when they are most needed without full-time employees’ long-term commitment.

Aside from that, they can gain a fresh perspective outside of their usual job, assisting their teams in discovering new possibilities and innovative ideas. Project-based consulting and staff augmentation can assist you in achieving your business objectives.


Whether you choose staff augmentation or consultation services will ultimately be determined by your personal preferences and the realities of your firm. Some companies prefer consulting services, but others prefer to hire consulting firms to complete projects. Regardless of how you go about it, your ultimate goal should be to raise the value of your firm rather than just cut costs (which will always be your top priority.) Improving your employees’ skills or diversifying your company’s service portfolio are two examples.

Contact our experts for a thorough consultation if you are unsure about what’s best for your business. We will help you decide which option is best for you, and we will provide you with a highly qualified and professional team.

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