Festivals are one of the best ways to break the monotony of working environment. At Saffron we understand the importance of creating a healthy work culture and maintaining balance. August 15th is the Indian Independence Day. A day when India became an independent republic after 200 years of being colonized by the British Empire. We celebrated Independence day at Saffron on 12th August with great enthusiasm and zeal. The work timings were tweaked to ensure 2 hours of celebration.

The entire office was decorated with the theme of tri colors – Saffron, White and Green. Everyone dressed for the occasion in various shades of the tri color. There was a feeling of patriotism and unity among all the colleagues.

The Independence Day celebration started with giving a tribute to all the freedom fighters who fought for the freedom. Following this, various games, centered around the theme of Independence, were played. Team members were asked to name all the states and famous landmarks under one minute.

This section was followed by an Independence Day special quiz competition. All the employees were asked questions related to freedom fighters and historical events. There was a wave of enthusiasm among youngsters to crack all the questions related to young freedom fighters. Winner of this quiz was awarded with goody bag as a prize.

Towards the end of the program all the employees sang national anthem of India. There was a feeling of pride everybody sang along the anthem. All the members were offered refreshments and food after the program was over. Most of the people were discussing about the current challenges faced by our country while enjoying their refreshments.
This discussion ended with a conclusion that we can cross any hurdle if we are united.
The Independence day celebration encouraged us in reviving fresh energy, and further motivating all the members for having a chance to work in an independent country as vivid and diverse as India. Saffron understands the importance of engaging their employees into celebration for creating a balance between work and play in order to encourage our team members work hard and our company to reach to greater heights.

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