Koolin is your new way to travel around the world. Find the best hotels, flights & events around you with Koolin. With thousands of deals on flights, more than 100,00 amazing events, and more than 500,00 hotels across locations all over the globe, Koolin is your new perfect travel partner that you’ve never had!

Travel the Kool way with Koolin!


The client wanted a mobile app where users can book the cheapest deals for flights, hotels, events & parking spaces.


  • We chose to build the iOS app using Swift C and API services build in .NET to get a solution that is scalable and secure.
  • Spent a lot of time working on the design of the app that went well with the overall Koolin brand.
  • After the successful release of the iOS app, the android version of Koolin is also making its way soon to the google play store!


  • Coordinating with various service providers to get the best deals across the verticals Koolin dealt in was a bit of a task.
  • Had to make sure the app worked perfectly under stress and could handle sudden traffic spikes with ease. A lot of modifications to the code were made to make each feature is streamlined and runs smoothly.