Concept2Cut is a production company with strong filming, writing and editorial capabilities. The founder of Concept2Cut – Robert Cantwell has won 5 Emmys and has 27 years of experience working in the television and production industry. Apart from the high achievements of its founder, Concept2Cut comprises of a hardworking and dedicated team of talented cinematographers, sound engineers, motion graphic designers, make-up artists, writers, gaffers, voice over artists, teleprompter operators and production assistants.


To completely redesign and revamp their website where users can make enquiry about services like TV and Web commercial, Marketing Campaigns, Documentaries, Music, Videos etc.


  • To find and update their website with an attractive design that caters to their industry.
  • Integrating the website with a lot of visual elements and documentaries to display their work
  • To deeply understand their business model and completely revamp the pictures and content on their website


  • Built from scratch a completely custom designed theme and layout for their website built with WordPress using technologies like PHP and MySQL
  • Effectively displayed all the visual elements and documentaries on their website while maintaining a visually attractive design.
  • Updated old pictures and content on all their service pages including event coverage, marketing campaigns, staff training, TV and Web commercials, special presentations and all other service pages so that their site visitors can rightly understand what Concept2Cut actually is and connect to them in a better way.