Client Overview

24×7 Nursing Care Application is born out of the need for on-the-fly caregiving solutions for the elderly, injured or medically ill people whose family and friends are unable to give them complete attention or take care of them due to any reason. The client has been working with a lot of doctors and medical practitioners over the US and in one of our consultation calls, one thing leads to another and the initial concept of the application was formed.


  • One-stop platform to connect caregivers with patients
  • Independent User Accesses for Clients and Caregivers/Nurses
  • Automated Scheduling and Appointment setting
  • Master Admin Control for Management to review and manage appointments and caregiver applications
  • Geo-location based search function to offer closest caregiver match for patients
  • Time Tracking Functionality for Caregivers to update their work logs
  • Machine Learning Algorithm for capturing and updating illness database based on user searches


  • Creating a cross-platform application that operates with minimal battery use and negligible downtime
  • Integrating Machine Learning enabled dynamic search functionality
  • Creating a Geo-location enabled search function that collaborates with Google maps

Technology Used

In order to make 24×7 Nursing Care smooth and function seamlessly across multiple platforms, we built the app on Hybrid Technology and React Native Platform

Final Product

  • 24×7 Nursing Care App is a unique milestone application in the hospice and caregiving industry.
  • The app works seamlessly for both users and caregivers alike. Each user has their own unique dashboard designed exclusively as per their requirement.
  • The application enables secured database protocols offering that added edge of security which we deemed necessary since the application contains medical records and data of users that are highly confidential information.

For Users

  • Users can sign in from their preferred Android or iOS devices and register their accounts. They can request for appointments for themselves, their family members and even their friends.
  • Users can select individual or multiple set of caregivers depending on their need.
  • While booking their appointments, they can select the day or even a complete date range depending on the duration they need the caregiver for.
  • Users need to select the type of illness the patient is suffering from to enable more accurate caregiver search. This search populates queries from the existing medical databases that are loaded in the application as well as with our ML sync, any new illness that is not present in the database gets automatically updated on the database for future usage.

For Caregivers

  • Caregivers can sign up and submit their applications for validation from the management.
  • They have the options to select or opt-out of a particular appointment provided it is done within stipulated time and approved by the admin of the application
  • The app provides a daily time tracking sheet which the caregivers can fill to record their hours.

For Admin

  • Management can access, review and qualify applications of caregivers from the Admin panel.
  • Admins can help in offering more qualified caregivers based on the skillset, experience and the need of the user.
  • Admin can approve leave or relieve caregivers if the said caregiver happens to have overworked or conducted double shifts.

The Roadmap Ahead

With a successful launch of the application and the initial success, we are working on upgrading this app in the near future. Some of the exciting features that we are currently developing are:

1) Real-Time GPS Tracking – Inorder to make caregiver searches more accurate for customers and for Admins to get an estimate on the caregiver arrival timelines, we are working with Google Map APIs and GPS tracking modules to assist a completely transparent model to track and optimize caregiver performances.

2) Easy Check-ins – We want the app to be intuitive and easy to use for caregivers as well so they need not spend too much time managing their schedules and logs and focus most of their efforts on their practice. With the Easy Checkin feature, the caregivers would be able to do just that. Input their time in (once at work) and time out (when leaving) easily without having to fill in manual timesheets and work logs.

 3) Manage On-Premise Billables – We understand that caregiving can often incur some on-premise costs (such as purchasing medicines, groceries, emergencies etc.) and in such cases, the caregiver would have a feature on the app to log in their purchases which can automatically be billed to the customer while they make the payments.