Our client wanted to launch an online platform that would help its users to host a pop-up dinner at their home or have a home-cooked feast at someone’s place and socialize with them. The platform was also intended to have a rating system that would help the users to make an informed choice.


The client’s vision with the platform was discussed at length and these objectives surfaced during those long and comprehensive meetings.

  • The objective behind developing such a platform was to help users discover new tastes and experiences across the countries.
  • Our client also wanted food hygiene to be an integral part of this platform.
  • The end goal was to create a platform that serves delicious food and also create a social platform where one can meet new people through food.

Technology and framework

  • For android PHP framework was used
  • For iOS also PHP framework was used


The platform presented some serious problems that came up during the development stage.

  • The first challenge was the loss of control over the third party services.
  • Then there were challenges over consistency which resulted in missed opportunities for the users.
  • Also, we were required to come up with solutions that solved the problems of cultural barriers, unpredictability and high turnover rate.


  • We came up with unique solutions that would help the users of this platform to interact with each other and also maintain the hygiene of the food served by the host.
  • We developed a feedback and rating system on the app. This review and rating system would help users make an informed choice.
  • To make sure that the reviews are elaborate and informative we kept the minimum word limit to 140 characters.
  • The reviews garnered through our application were relevant as spam and irrelevant activities on the application would result in the banning of the restaurant or the user altogether.
  • Our solution also made sure that the reviews were up to date and fresh as the reviews about experiences older than 6 months were not allowed on the platform.
  • Finally, we made sure that the reviews posted on the platform were genuine and 100% real by removing plagiarized and copied content.


The food delivery and review platforms have gained a lot of users. People all over the world make their dining choices based on the ratings and reviews of any restaurant. So to make those reviews more authentic and help the users make a sound choice based on taste as well as hygiene we helped our client through our innovative solutions using the latest technology. At the end of the day, the businesses that provide genuine and authentic products and services can be sustained by technological aid.