Client Overview

Our client owns an online business that offers premium content at affordable prices. Their platform enables their partners, i.e., content providers, to generate a robust revenue stream via content. Customers on their website can view, read, or listen to the content by paying for it through a dedicated login and wallet portal. The “login to payment” flow has been designed to foster fast and easy online payment options. What was the requirement of the project?

  • As mentioned above, our client wanted to develop a seamless mechanism where their partners could deliver content and receive payments.
  • It should also smoothen the payment process for content consumers who can read, view, or listen to the content. Hence, they need a universal login and wallet mechanism.

At Saffron Tech, our IT experts innovate technological solutions that can accelerate our clients’ business value. In this project, our client needed a reliable payment mechanism provides help them unravel their true business potential. We have highly talented product developers and engineers who design custom IT solutions for such unique business needs. In this project, our team had to develop a one-of-a-kind plugin.
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Our Aim

The aim was to develop a universal, android/iOS plugin to help their customers make payments on 3rd party applications. Our client’s business was tied up with different online news publishing websites like Outlook that published diverse types of paid news or articles. Hence, our plugin solution would help their users to unlock content by making certain payments.
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The Solution

Saffron Tech proposed a Native solution to develop Android and iOS plugins. Why Native solutions? Native Apps are highly efficient as they are built for that specific platform and are compiled using platforms’ core programming language and APIs.
Hence, the app becomes more efficient. The device can store the app, which allows the software to leverage the device’s processing speed. Native apps have various advantages:

  • They offer high performance and are more interactive.
  • It offers a more secured and feature-rich set of devices.
  • Highly responsive, fast, and intuitive.
  • It Provides a premium user experience.

The app users can seamlessly navigate through a native mobile app, visual elements, and the content as they are already stored on their phones. Due to this reason, the customer witnesses quick load time.

Technology Used

For iOS Development

  • Xcode latest Version 
  • Minimum OS version Supported 
  • Swift Language 
  • Local Database : Coredata 
  • Portrait mode

For Android Development

  • Android studio latest version 
  • Minimum OS version Supported: 4.4 onwards 
  • Java Language 
  • Local Database: SQLite 
  • Portrait mode

The web SDK handles the payment/login flow. The plugin that has to be made will focus on communicating with the web SDK and taking care of any authentication details that need to be persisted.

The various cases that arise from success or failure only need to be communicated from the web SDK to the mobile application. The logic for displaying the paywall and retrying payments will only be within the web SDK and need not be made.


Our developers developed a seamless plugin that works as an intermediary between a user and a 3rd party application. It will allow developers to integrate the paywall to micro-price any content. With the plugin, users will pay for the specific article or content they want to read, view, or listen to. We integrated the plugin with the main website through web views to identify the user’s payment status through the backend APIs.