Having marked their presence in the US with stores at 7 prime locations, The East Coast Organic Mattresses are the best when it comes to providing quality mattresses online. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, their motto has always been to deliver mattresses that contain the finest organic materials.

They approached us in early 2018 to increase their online visibility and branding.


  • Online Visibility
  • Increasing Online Sales


We strategized a paid marketing strategy that we were sure would marginally increase their presence online –

  • Selected the most-searched keywords for mattresses in the US and ran a well-targeted PPC Ad campaign with catchy content wrapped around those keywords.
  • Implemented a blog on their site and filled it with relevant content to boost traffic and their authority in the niche.


Within a month, the PPC campaigns we ran gained traction and the clicks on them increased, nearly doubling from their earlier performance.

Also, we also were able to cut their average cost per click in half and garnered more conversions and sales.


With only a month gone working with The East Coast Organic Mattresses, we were able to nearly double the traffic coming from Google’s PPC Ad campaigns to their website which lead to a sharp increase in their website traffic and eventually sales. Needless to say, we added another happy client to our roster!