A US-based client who wanted to make an impact in the market by offering organic CBD products via an eCommerce portal. The client wants to empower everyone to core strength with the help of their Cannabidiol (CBD) extract products.


  • The client came to us with the prime objective of building a website from scratch with the integration of e-commerce.
  • After the introduction of our client to the development team. We created a broad scope and milestone document to categories the project in different phases. The project was broadly divided into main parts that needed attention:
    • Developing a website from users can access the content related to featured products, product listing, cart, and can inquire about the services.
    • Integration of admin panel for adding new products in the marketplace.
    • UI/UX development
    • Integration of API and its development


  • We started the project with the design of wireframes and layouts for the website.
  • Once the initial phase was approved, we proposed to use Magento 2.0.X, PHP, HTML 5 for the smooth running and great user experience of the e-commerce website. user experience of the e-commerce website
  • Starting from scratch gave us an upper hand in using custom build design for product page and content page, which can resonate with the brand image.
  • Side by side development of the admin portal started through which the client can manage the various aspects of his website and can add new content through it.
  • In the meanwhile, we introduced our content team into the project, who started creating engaging content and product description for the project.
  • Shopping cart and checkout processes are designed with keeping user interaction as a prime motive and easy navigation.
  • Once we completed the final development, we conducted a thorough quality assessment to address any technical issues or bugs and streamlined them before going live.

The Result

At the end of phase 3, we reviewed the final product with the client and had a successful launch of the site recently.

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