Client Overview

Our client owns a learning app that provides training support to teachers with strategies that they can utilize to help children who have additional learning needs. The app features a diverse range of plans for different disabilities and can be used by any school or teacher.

The motive of the app is to cater to children with special needs and provide them additional learning, empowering them by making knowledge more accessible for them. Individual teachers or schools can download and use the app by taking up a subscription plan.

They reached out to our experts at Saffron Tech to develop a responsive and intuitive app. In addition, they wanted to build their app on a reliable platform to offer a robust user experience. We collaborated with them and understood their vision and intent behind developing their app.

Based on our discussion, we mutually decided to go with a Native App Development approach. The project demands efficient coding and other native device functionalities to enrich the user experience. Furthermore, the app offers a paid membership, we had to develop an effective payment gateway.


The objective was to create a robust, responsive, and interactive app using a suitable app development approach that allows students with special needs to progress faster. In addition, to improve the ability of teachers to use this technology, we kept the user interface as simple as possible.

That is why our experts wanted to create a high-performing app that is secured and delivers a top-notch user experience. We had to develop a dedicated web-based admin panel that needs to be password protected for the overall management of the site.

Solution Offered

  1. We offered a Native app development approach for their mobile application with an ASP.Net solution for backend development. The ASP.NET framework allows us to utilize native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation.
  2. It demands less coding, maintenance and provides seamless development support. The core framework offers highly optimized codes that deliver improved app performance.
  3. The ASP.NET Core fulfills all the business requirements as it provides different types of web app development and mobile backend along with IoT application development.

Technology Used

  • Mobile Application (iOS & Android) for Teachers – Native App development (iOS – Swift, Objective C, Android – Kotlin, Android Studio).
  • School Web Panel – ASP.NET
  • Super Admin Panel – ASP.NET MVC, Database: MSSQL

We designed some premium features for the platform as per our clients’ expectations.

For teachers and schools –

  • Individual teachers can sign up on the app and ​select their specialization.
  • They can register via the verification link that will be provided in their email.
  • Users will be able to view various types of subscription plans on their screens.
  • A school can also create a teachers’ account.
  • Users can complete the signup process by following the link provided in their email.
  • Teachers can log in to the app via email/phone number and password.
  • The app will explain all the functionalities through 4-5 sliding screens that will appear as the users log in.

Home screen –

  • Teachers can view their profile overview, i.e., profile picture, name, email, etc.
  • Total children count and a count of children with additional learning needs.
  • Users can see a list of children with their individual learning needs.
  • Teachers will get ​a weekly push notification to update.
  • Weekly push notification to update. Strategies based on the response of children.
  • Users can also use the ​search bar, menu icon, notification icon and manage their profile.
  • Users can see the latest article and videos that the Super Admin of the app will post.

For super Admin

  • The panel will allow overall site management, including content, targeting, user privileges, editing/publishing, management and review of inquiries received, and generation of various reports.
  • Admin will have a password-protected web admin dashboard, and this will be accessible by the admin only.

Final Conclusion

After deploying the app on multiple platforms such as App Store and Play Store, our experts deployed the code on the client’s server. Once the app was live, we provided routine app maintenance support to achieve a flawless user experience.