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Internet of Things (IOT)

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Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved over the years from a confluence of wireless technologies, implementation of Service Oriented Architecture, micro system technologies and the internet.
This convergence has broken the barriers between operational and informational technology, and exposed the opportunity for immense improvements via analyzing amorphous data generated by machines.

It is an environment of linked physical articles that can be accessed with the help of internet. We at Saffron Tech, help our customers to ascertain IoT ideas to develop new business options or generate more revenue opportunities from existing business. We provide open platform with feature rich toolkit to dramatically reduce cost, time and risks. Being hardware-agnostic makes us compatible with various type of connected sensors, devices and gateways. We have perfectly crafted multiple options to integrate with analytics and connectivity protocols.

Importance of IoT

  • IoT platforms enable Articles /objects / things to recognise, discern and correlate with the environment without any human dependence.
  • Cross Device Interoperability
  • Real Time Device Monitoring
  • The embedded technology in such articles makes possible to accumulate and relay data over a network internally or externally, which impacts decision making without any human intervention.
  • Objects are digitally connected hence can be controlled from anywhere which widens the scope of operation, amalgamates efficiency and improves security.
  • IoT leverages access to inundated data to make wiser decision for businesses across all verticals.
  • Data Security such as user access control, encryption and data ownership.
  • Ensure elastic scalability across various endpoints.

 Broad Applications of IoT devices

 For Startups and Vendors

  • Startups and vendors can equip their products with real time monitoring and remote control functions.

Industrial Sectors

  • Industrial sectors can optimize cost through remote monitoring vehicles and devices, collect sensor data and predict equipment maintenance to ensure safety along with real time production analytics.


  • These companies develop IoT infrastructures to deliver various kind of services to regular customers and giant corporations. These services include smart building deployments, smart grid metering, connected car services and many others.

Travelling, Healthcare and Hospitality Domains

  • Collect data effortlessly with IoT to build an effective management along with personal offerings.

Why Us?

We at Saffron Tech can vouch for the fact that business results can be escalated with an efficient connecting via IoT.

  • We assist you in improving operations, curtail costs and generate new revenue stream by deploying your data in unique ways with Internet of Your Things on IoT platforms.
  • Our services are easily tailored to your business requirements.
  • We have the experts to ideate, prototype, scale and manage your IoT along with assisting you in streamlining automation.
  • Minimize risk of application development at affordable price.
  • Simple hardware Integration Procedure
  • Commercial and Community Support
  • Pre integration with data management
  • Constantly evolving with new features


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