What’s IoT and why do you need it?

IoT is enabling businesses worldwide unlock their true potential. From healthcare to transportation, manufacturing, and even agriculture, IoT is offering an expansion of internet-connected automation into a wide array of industries and areas. But what exactly is it? IoT or Internet of Things basically refers to the network of interconnected devices and objects that are embedded with network connectivity, sensors, and software which enables them to collect and exchange data in real-time. 

IoT solutions serve as a bridge for more direct integration of physical devices with cloud computing systems, allowing objects to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure, which greatly reduces human intervention and simplifies the collection of data from diverse locations, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy.

If you are looking to leverage the power of IoT for your business, then you are at the right place. Our IoT consultation, development, and integration services have empowered many businesses to connect and scale efficiently by enabling them to deliver clever IoT powered solutions. Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative of your own, enhance/upscale an existing IoT application or are looking to integrate your existing IoT solution with a legacy system, our expert team of highly-skilled IoT engineers can help you do it all.

Some of our core processes of IoT


IoT Consultation

Our IoT experts are ready to consult you every step of the way to bring your IoT plan to reality. When it comes to mapping your business objectives with a perfect IoT solution, developing an IoT project map, choosing the appropriate tech-stack, designing an IoT solution architecture and developing an IoT security strategy, we can help you do it all!


IoT Development

Whether you are looking to implement a new IoT solution for your business from the ground up or want to re-engineer your existing IoT solution to meet your updated business objectives, our experts will make sure that they deliver a custom-tailored IoT solution that improves your business agility and contributes to your success.


IoT Implementation

If you already have the detailed requirements of your next IoT solution, our IoT experts can bring it to life. We analyze your exact specifications to define project scope and complexity and provide project delivery schedule and budget. Once the project is approved, we design and develop the software, tailored to your unique business needs and wants.


IoT Integration

The value of an IoT solution that is not integrated into existing infrastructure is questionable and unreliable. We give due attention to integrating an IoT solution with proper legacy systems (ERP, MES, CRM, WMS, SCADA, etc.) and tuning them to work in sync. It helps us ensure bi-directional data flow and uninterrupted operations for streamlining business processes.


IoT Support

When you work with us, we will take care of timely upscaling your IoT solution, carry out regular performance and security audits, implement updated architecture and add more functionality and features as they come up. Along with that, our IoT experts stay proactive and uncover functional issues, dig their root causes and timely mitigate them to ensure smooth functioning of your entire IoT infrastructure.

Why you should work with us


Scalable Solutions

We develop all our IoT solutions keeping scalability in mind. We make sure that your IoT solution not only fulfills your current business requirements but serve as a basis for future developments as well.


Leading Technologies

We actively make use of some of the industry’s leading IoT platforms to deliver our scalable end-to-end IoT solutions including IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Nest Platform.


Proactive Approach

Our IoT experts stay on top of your IoT solution at all times and monitor it continously to ensure all your IoT processes are streamlined and are functioning properly.

Convinced about leveraging the power of IoT for streamlining your business processes

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