Client Overview

Our client owns a multi-functional app that empowers its users by simplifying and scheduling daily tasks. It is a centralized app that keeps your day-to-day activities in one place and organizes them as per your schedule. You can easily manage carpools, get-togethers, birthdays, pool parties, etc.

People can avail the app via App Store or Google Play Store. Your family members and friends can use the app for scheduling their activities, events, etc. You can set up family profiles and groups on the app, too; these groups can be used for planning, managing, and communicating.

They wanted our developers to design a feature-rich app that delivers an excellent user experience. A great design and rich user experience were two of the most critical aspects of this app.

An app like this demands innovative thinking along with robust app development solutions. Our solution included our native app development services and an ASP.Net solution that would help them manage a massive user base with APIs & an admin Panel.


The aim was to create an attractive, responsive, and interactive app using the best app development approach. Our experts knew that the app has to be optimal because users would use it daily.

Therefore, our purpose was to create a high-performing app and a secure one that provides users an enriching user experience. For the overall management of the site, we had to develop a dedicated web-based admin panel too.

Solution Offered

  • We offered a Native app development approach for their mobile application with an ASP.Net solution for backend development.
  • The ASP.NET framework allows us to utilize native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation.
  • It requires less coding, maintenance and provides seamless development support. With new upgrades and enhancements, the core framework offers highly optimized codes that deliver improved app performance.
  • The ASP.NET Core fulfills all the business requirements as it provides different types of web app development and mobile backend along with IoT application development.

Technology Used

  • Mobile App (iOS & Android) for Users – Native App development (iOS – Swift, Objective C, Android – Kotlin, Android Studio).
  • Administrative Panel – ASP.NET core 2.0, C# & MS SQL Database.


Several key features will help the user to perform specific tasks using this app.

  • Simplify activities – Schedule your day-to-day activities with your friends family members and coordinate them as per the scheduled day and time.
  • Create a family profile – Set up a family friend profile and key address for your frequent activities.
  • Sync calendar – You can schedule reminders for several tasks and events with other members.
  • Create group – A user can create groups for personal invites and messages. The user can send updates as per the respective event or activity.
  • Super Admin – The admin panel will allow for the overall management of the app. Admin will have a password-protected web admin dashboard, and this will be accessible by the admin only.

Final Conclusion

Experts at Saffron Tech followed the best industry practices to create an encrypted and secured app. This social sharing app was a unique project for our team. After deploying the app on multiple platforms such as App Store and Play Store, our experts deployed the code on the client’s server.