Client Brief

Airports Taxi Transfers, as the name suggests, is an airport taxi transfer service providing the cheapest available options of private transfers and shuttle transfers from an airport, and is operating at almost 500 airports in various countries across the globe!

They compare airport transfer prices from hundreds of suppliers worldwide to offer their customers the lowest possible price without compromising the quality of service.

Our Challenges

  • They recently expanded their service to the tours & excursion space and were already working with a properly planned out operational structure, all they needed was some online exposure to take their service to the next level and increase their reach exponentially.
  • For the same, they asked Saffron Tech to enhance their website traffic and increase the booking numbers.
  • Pouncing on the opportunity, we wore our SEO hats and started working towards solving their traffic problem once and for all!

Our Solutions

  • We primarily focused on increasing their organic and paid traffic with some rigorous SEO and content marketing strategies to get them in front of more people searching for airport transfer services. Here’s a brief of what we did –
  • Performed a complete website audit to figure out shortcomings in their website’s SEO structure, content, backlinks, design, and site’s overall responsiveness.
  • Making use of tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to figure out their competitor’s backlink profile and keywords they were ranking for.
  • Using the same tools, targeted those keywords and pulled out other high traffic keywords that people were searching for on a regular basis which was relevant to their business model.
  • Created landing pages based on all the collected keywords to gain some traffic and exposure.
  • Partnered with many blogs and guest posted on high authority websites to get acquainted with a larger audience, create value for readers, and gain some quality backlinks.
  • Consistent efforts were made in marketing the created content to maintain a steady flow of traffic coming to their website
  • Optimized their website for mobile users to capture traffic coming from various handheld devices.
  • Increased their overall site’s responsiveness and reduced site’s loading time to decrease bounce rates and boost conversions.

Our Results

After consistently finding new ways to optimize our SEO and content marketing strategies for Airport Taxi Transfers in any way possible to get the best results, we were able to increase their organic search traffic by a little more than 60%!

Increasing it from 25,000 to more than 40,000 in the span of 3 months


All the minor and major search engine optimizations, website optimizations, guest posts, content posting, and marketing efforts backed by extensive research bit by bit kept bringing valuable website visitors to Airports Taxi Transfers’ website which in turn enabled their website to rank well on Google and got their ball rolling. And the ball is rolling ever since!