Requirement Statement

Home By Esha epitomizes a successful entrepreneurial venture by a young and dynamic architect Esha Maker. The client started her own interior designing and architectural venture in the year 2009 and she wanted to make a sturdy promotion of it over the internet as well. She approached us with a web designing and development requirement. Her basic demand was for a website that would clearly represent her portfolio and her work so that her prospective customers can have a virtual idea of services offered by her company. The company is delivering a wide range of interior design and architectural services like yacht design, pub décor, residence make-over, and lots more. Having such strong experiences, the client really wanted her prospective customers to get more knowledgeable about her company’s service profile. However, she wanted us to keep the website simple and was very particular about the user interface, so that the visitors can easily get a clear idea of the services.

Solution Offered

We initiated the design and content development process hand in hand. The design and development team took up the ideation process to get the frame layout of the website. As confirmed by the client, the website design was kept simple with a white background. For promoting smooth navigation, the two service profiles: Architecture and Interior designing have been kept separate. It’s like having two websites within one single website. This allows the user to have a clear understanding of the difference between the two profiles. The team used CMS and Word Press technology to develop the website. Meanwhile, the content team developed quality content delivering crisp and to-the-point information of the client service domain. As mentioned above, the client has handled projects like that of Hard Rock Café, Yacht designing, and others, so informative sections were integrated into the website that precisely explains each project undertaken by the client.

The pages are properly hyperlinked so that users can smoothly navigate through the pages and avail the information they are looking for.