The final quarter of any year (in an organization) sends a sense foreboding of delayed backlogs or distance, that are needed to reach the annual targets.
Also in another way, it makes us look back at the year that is almost at an end. It provides motivation and the last boost of energy to make it to the finish line.

The Q4 Townhall meet took place on Feb 1st, 2016. All the teams gathered in S1 anticipating the recap of the third quarter. As Gaurav and Vibhu, started the meeting, it was noted that many targets, that seemed like big hurdles, were actually achieved on time.

However, the focus of the meeting soon shifted to envision the goals for the final quarter. Challenges that had been incurred in the past quarter were addressed. Client satisfaction has always been one of the core values of Saffron Tech.The emphasis for this quarter is improving Value Addition for the Clients.

The Final Quarter of 2015 was initiated with Townhall Q4

We had one of our prominent clients visit us in the month of January. We had the pleasure of receiving a humble testimonial from them. This internal video was played to the entire floor that was attending the event.

The Final Quarter of 2015 was initiated

For the next three months, regular training and seminars have been planned for every department. Afterall, the Saffron experience is all about learning while growing.

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