Reasons to Prefer PhoneGap Over Other App Development Platforms.

Searching for a reliable technology to build a native or cross-platform mobile application?

Look no further than PhoneGap!

Create a cross-platform and native mobile application easily with PhoneGap, which facilitates the smooth running of applications and provides flexible designing with single coding. 

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap, formerly called Apache Cordova, is an open-source mobile application development framework with which developers can build applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adobe acquired it back in 2011 and renamed it to PhoneGap, the name so prevalent in the developer’s community. PhoneGap applications are practical. This framework can be used to develop applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and so on.

Why Choose PhoneGap?

With so many frameworks out there, it is normal for businesses to ask why we should go for PhoneGap. Understanding this, we have listed the features that will make you opt for PhoneGap to develop your applications. 

  • PhoneGap is open source, free, and there is no licensing cost involved. Aside from this, it is easy to install and enables app store discoverability. 
  • Besides the language experience and the different server-side platforms, there is no shortage of developers with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. Resources and potential can be adequately used to develop mobile applications. 
  • Continuing with the aforementioned, because when you have a pool of well-versed developers, you don’t have to spend an extra penny in training. This application facilitates easy adaptation by the team. 
  • Developers are looking for a framework where access to native device APIs can be modularly extended. PhoneGap provides this.  
  • It empowers the engineers to transfer the information substantially on site. At that point, it naturally changes over the information into various App archives.
  • As mentioned before, it is one of the most reliable platforms among its contemporaries. Being cross-platform compatible it makes it easy for the developers to write one code, thereby eliminating the efforts that go in writing different codes for different platforms. 
  • With the single code, you can create convenient applications rapidly, chopping down improvement time and cost. 
  • Saving the cost and time will give the developers more time to learn new technologies and direct their potential towards something more productive. 
  • As one of the largest development communities, PhoneGap provides ample support from experienced developers across the world. 

PhoneGap apps can act as a powerful tool in assisting you in improving your business performance and reach your target audience, which comprises mainly smartphone users, everywhere throughout the world. Build up a practical and secure versatile application using the expertise of the PhoneGap developers squad of Saffron Tech.

When should you use the PhoneGap app?

  • If all you need to develop is a single web application with native apps, then you should opt for PhoneGap. Or if you want to develop a mobile web application and give it a native touch, then PhoneGap, with its ability to access native APIs, is the best option for you. 
  • If you are a small business, looking to cut down on the expenses, PhoneGap is the right choice. With an easy user interface and learning curve, Phone Gap is one of the most cost-effective application frameworks. 
  • PhoneGap can be used to make one of the most responsive applications, and with frameworks like JQuery, you will be able to make your app stand out of the crowd, given that you have a team of experienced developers. 

How can your businesses profit from PhoneGap?

  • Get Smooth Integration:

User experience will be enhanced, multifold as PhoneGap offers better integration with web services and the internal files making the app effective for the businesses in terms of revenue generation and easy to use for the users. 

  • You don’t have to hire an expert developer:

Developers are always in demand, and they leverage on this requirement and charge a hefty salary. This is why you should opt for the PhoneGap framework, which requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, which is enough to develop apps with PhoneGap. 

  • Offer native app experience on 

With the PhoneGap framework, you provide users with a native app-like experience, albeit at a low cost on a cross-platform base. Apps built on the PhoneGap framework work similar to the native apps by enabling features such as geolocation, camera, accelerometer, and a smooth interface. 

  • Most reliable framework for your business:

It is one of the most reliable cross-platform frameworks which will work across the different operating systems on a low cost and single coding, thereby ensuring businesses higher return on investment. 

  • Get a higher return on investment:

As already mentioned, PhoneGap is one of the most cost-effective frameworks that require developers with sufficient HTML, CSS, JavaScript knowledge to create applications for enriched user experience. With its ability to tap into native app features, PhoneGap provides for a higher return on investment for the businesses. 

  • Enables collaboration in the company:

PhoneGap creates such a development environment that makes sure that every developer is able to contribute to the application development, thereby enabling collaboration in a quick and streamlined manner. 

What are some of the examples of the PhoneGap application?

  • Wikipedia:

One of the most looked up and read websites on the internet, Wikipedia is built on the PhoneGap framework and works as a native application. It is because of PhoneGap that you can search articles nearby, read articles in a different language, conduct a full-screen search, and more. 

  • Paylution:

One of the leading international mobile payment applications, Paylution, makes use of hyperWallet technology for making payments easy. Paylutions makes for a great alternative for wiring or writing cheques alongside providing easy accessibility. 

  • TripCase:

One of the most popular PhoneGap apps, Tripcase, is a travel planner that guides travelers through every stage of their trip, acting as one of the best travel guides. It helps travelers connect and plan trips without having to waste time worrying over what you should prepare for and what unexpected might happen. 

Why should you hire Saffron Tech?

  • Talented, experienced and committed PhoneGap developers
  • Redevelop PhoneGap Apps tailored to your business needs
  • Utilizations demonstrated procedure just as most recent innovation while creating applications
  • Exceptionally dependable and offers the best value in the business
  • 100% of consumer loyalty ensured
  • It provides around the clock customer support and keeps the app well-updated with the changing norms and standards. 


The PhoneGap application is a financially savvy answer to capture consumers’ attention over numerous stages and gadgets, with its numerous application and versatile stages that empower developers to create an app with a single code. 

With build-in-features and unlimited cloud storage, PhoneGap is especially beneficial for the small business where time and cost is a constraint. The PhoneGap application improvement apparatuses are advancing with the coming of innovative headways, and developers can construct undertaking level applications easily.

As a dependable, versatile application development organization, Saffron Tech includes rich cross-stage application answers for the worldwide corporate demographic.

Reach out to Saffron Tech for the best know-how of PhoneGap App Development services.

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