SaffronTech is pleased to become a part of CeBIT 2017, one of the world’s biggest IT trade show. The 22nd international CeBIT conference took place in Hanover, Germany from 20th to 24th March. This five day journey appeared under the slogan “Global Event for Digital Business” where everyone delve deep into the realm of cyborgs and biohacking, artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, robots and cybercrime.

CeBit conference defines latest trends, discussion panels, presents high calibre speakers and showcases innovative products from all over the world. In short, the conference focuses on higher performing technologies that will promote economic prosperity and growth along with strengthening social cohesion. It is considered to be the barometer of ongoing trends and measure state of art in IT.

The CEOs of Saffron attended CeBIT conference as business visitors to see the new products, market tendencies and present their feedbacks. SaffronTech believes in building sustaining competitive advantages by getting prepared in advance for the upcoming changes through groundbreaking software solutions. We believe that attending CeBIT 2017, will help us in becoming more constructive in the long run. The conference offered us workstations and networking platforms to interact with venture capitalist, investors, business analysts and business angels.

Leading-edge technologies like humanoid robots, artificial intelligence and application of virtual reality are shifting the boundaries between technology and human. Both our directors witnessed digital transformation in its entirety with best practices and real examples. Attending CeBIT will help us in increasing recognition on international stage and strengthen our image as an innovative provider in the competitive and dynamic market.

SaffronTech At CeBIT

The open air campus was the beating heart of the event, located in the middle of the exhibition grounds. In the surrounding halls, innovative SMEs, major companies and startups exhibited their business models. The exhibitors showcased digital solutions impactfully along with demonstrating their advantages to the visitors directly. As a leading technology firm, we back these changes to stay ahead in the competition.

Several technologies displayed on the exhibition will shape future of IT business. The digital industry is moving at a rapid pace with transforming waves sweeping across every corner. AI is one of the biggest talking points in tech industry, it was in no short supply at this trade fair with intelligence machines set to be the driving forces in the upcoming years.  Another big technology area is unmanned vehicles, like drones whose potential was displayed at CeBIT in a large outdoor park.

One of the biggest buzzword floating around the expo year was IoT which is capable of connecting anything to internet. The technology offered at CeBIT ranged from connected smart city management to robots. Huge presence was enjoyed by Virtual Reality as most of the halls were dedicated entirely to it.


Our directors got the glimpse of new innovations and took their imaginations to a journey of endless possibilities. With innovations in the IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and drones on display, the vision of smarter world becomes more credible with an accelerated rate of digitalization. Experiencing unique blend of exhibitions and conference in CeBit will help us offer perfect solutions to our clientele.

Saffron strive towards effectively strengthening business ties to our existing contacts. We got the opportunity to take exciting keynotes from renowned international speakers and participate in high profile panel discussions. It was a great opportunity to gain new partners and suppliers, observe competition and discover industry trends. We got the opportunity to meet decision makers from public and commercial sectors and accelerate the future success of business. SaffronTech is even planning to participate as an exhibitors to present our booth and products, in the next year CeBIT conference.


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