The online shopping landscape has expanded significantly in the present era of digital transformation. According to Statista, in 2021, 2.14 billion users worldwide were expected to buy products and services from online stores. In 2016, the figure was around 1.66 billion global digital buyers. Whether you’re a startup founder or the owner of a pre-established brand, if your company or products are not present over the digital platform, then you’re surely missing out on massive profits and fortune. But this doesn’t solve the critical challenges the eCommerce industry faces these days. 

Ever since the eCommerce industry has reached the point where it can significantly challenge the actual marketplace, business owners are leaving no stone unturned to improve the customer experience. Speed limitations, timing constraints, and covid-19 are common problems that have engraved themselves deep into the marketplace, constantly provoking business owners to look for a reliable and profitable alternative. And that’s where Shopify has come up as their helping hand. 

Why Shopify?

After witnessing the potential of the eCommerce market, especially after this global pandemic, business owners have been taking the help of new and advanced user-friendly solutions to prove their mettle in the worldwide market. But again, owners associated with the business market but lacking the technical knowledge were facing difficulties transforming their vision into reality. And that’s where Shopify came to the rescue. 

An already established leader in the eCommerce landscape across the United States market, Shopify has been the first choice of business owners. And the reason behind it is the user-friendly benefits it provides to the owners. According to a study in 2019, there was a 50% rise in overall online sales in businesses built on Shopify. Shopify has been helping them by improving the online presence of their business websites and broadcasting these brands over the global market. But as technology and innovation have been streamlining the way we view a market through eCommerce websites, people expect more advancements in that sector. Responsive websites, liberty of customization, and an improved user experience are the need of the hour, and that’s where Shopify would help in all the possible ways. 

The whole world is turning towards a headless commerce landscape, and Shopify capabilities would turn out to be the key to it. Witnessing its performance till now, Shopify can provide that freedom to the business owners to enhance their services. That would be a more flexible solution for them, giving them an edge of perfection in the market. 

How’s Shopify better than the rest?

Ever since the eCommerce industry has been empowering people globally, Shopify has been fueling it from behind. Shopify has been in the market for over 15 years! The eCommerce industry has constantly been improving with the help of Shopify and its capabilities. Some of its exclusive features include:

  • Rapid start

Thinking about an eCommerce website doesn’t require any effort, but starting it from scratch is easy. Shopify does possess some key features that make it super easy for a person to establish his eCommerce website over the internet. They have to fill out the essential details, choose the relevant templates, list the products and all the payment integration details, and the website is ready to be operated. 

  • User-friendly

The modern way of selling products online has given new functionalities and capabilities to the users. And that’s where Shopify is also making it possible for these websites to stay as advanced as possible. The customization functionalities it provides to the users, and the order processing capabilities and retail options make Shopify the best technology to consider for your eCommerce dream. 

Headless Commerce

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  • Security

One of the most prominent and popular benefits of building an eCommerce website through Shopify is the security and safety features it provides to the website. Shopify effortlessly covers all kinds of security measures and concerns needed for an eCommerce website. For example, 3-D security authentication, DSS safety, etc., helps protect customer data and preserve it against data breaches. 

  • Mobile-friendly

The most important invention that has empowered humankind is the mobile phone. From a kid to a grown-up adult, no one likes to open a laptop or a computer shopping online. Everyone wants to shop with the help of a phone, irrespective of the nature of the product. And that’s where Shopify helps you out. Shopify enables you to create mobile-friendly websites that provide an advanced experience to the customers

  • Exclusive features

Business owners from different domains want to build their websites according to their tastes and preference. Shopify’s in-house app store lets you create a website that completely suits your vision and customer requirements. There are some pre-defined templates and designs, but the creator can choose their own set of functionalities and benefits they want to provide to the users. 

Shopify Store’s Cross-Border Sales

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All these features help in driving the eCommerce industry to the top. Present in more than 175 countries worldwide, Shopify hosts a visitor every 3 minutes. Shopify was built to introduce small business owners who found it challenging to start with the digital journey into the digital space. But Shopify’s journey cannot be considered a global success as of now. 

Shopify does provide small business merchants with the benefits of being present on the digital landscape, but it does get affected by the challenges faced by the eCommerce industry. For example, Shopify provides everything essential to the user, but compared with the other website building technologies, Shopify lacks some factors. User experience, performance capabilities, multi-level support functions are some of the common areas where Shopify still needs an ample amount of improvement. 

One of the most significant drawbacks that can affect your dream of starting your online eCommerce business with a website built with Shopify is that it doesn’t support search engine optimization functionalities. SEO functions are offered by almost all o the new-age websites and search engines. 

Taking help from Headless commerce

Modern-day technologies introduced the headless commerce approach after constantly listening to the new-age technology requirements and user demands that helped Shopify shine bright in this modern, fast-paced world. 

Shopify Store’s

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Headless commerce was invented to improve the website’s responsiveness and performance, yielding massive profits for the business owners. 

It is a modern approach of separately de-coupling the front-end and back-end parts of the website. The new approach was implemented that linked the front-end and back-end with the help of APIs that boosted the data exchange process. It streamlined the website’s working and turned out to be beneficial for a customer. 

This new approach separated the front-end core from the back-end, enabling users to process their eCommerce orders rapidly and enabling these websites to serve these diverse demands. 

Key benefits of using headless commerce

This new approach of supervising the website offers various benefits to the users. Some exclusive features that it provides are:

  • Huge customization capabilities
  • Prevents the website against failure points
  • Liberty to choose your design
  • Fast and rapid 

Enabling users and business owners to transform their website according to their taste and preference has made the headless commerce approach one of the most successful eCommerce landscapes. Are you looking for Shopify Headless Solutions? Contact our experts today to know more.

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