At Saffron, we always believe in providing best services to our clients. For this reason, we conduct regular workshop for our team members, with a constant drive to improve skill to fulfill the objectives of our company and clients.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve by planning our targets and goals for the future.  Saffron conducted a workshop to lay the groundwork for our strategy of the financial year 2017-18.

The workshop kicked off by our two founders, congratulating the entire team for meeting the goal of the past year. Prior to the workshop, our founders showed their gratitude towards all the team members. The workshop entailed all  an informative presentation that introspected around various aspect of our business and how to overcome the new hurdles in the future.

The workshop also focused upon the internal communication among the employees to have a smooth and efficient workflow. Time management, multi tasking are some of the challenges that were addressed during the workshop session and optimum solutions were suggested for such problems. Workplace communication becomes pivotal for the growth of an organization that involves distribution of work into different departments.

Saffron being an offshore digital company, understand the importance of work cultures and makes sure to set right examples for our clients. We have planned many such workshop for future to have an exponential growth.

Towards the end of the workshop, our HR department had a few encouraging words with the staff and showcased some new policies that will going to help company in its all round growth.The entire atmosphere was exuberant after the workshop got over. All the team members were provided with refreshment and they enjoyed the down time together.

These kind of seminars and workshops are held throughout the years at Saffron. It motivates and enhances team building efforts and also offers team members with a platform to share their ideas and grasp new concepts that help them excel in their jobs.

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