A company cannot truly grow or succeed without the employees. No matter how big or small a task, every position compounds together to add to the progress of a company. Name a successful company that doesn’t employ people in its operations. There isn’t any. Just like democracy can’t survive without its people, a company cannot thrive without its employees.

Saffron Tech., in its 8+ years of growth and success, has always appreciated (and rewarded) the dedication of their employees. To celebrate an employee’s tenure and hard work that s/he has rendered to the organization, Saffron highlight the member’s association and their milestones that they have achieved with the organization.

In February, one of our brightest members Mr. Anish, completed 6 years with Saffron. Being the Head of our PHP Framework Department and a core developer of our product IM Intelly, his contribution to the organization has been of great magnitude.

Saffron Tech Celebrates

Saffron Tech. also celebrated Valentine’s Day in all it glory. From decorating the office in themes of Red, and exchanging gifts and affections, sharing compliments and warmth amidst the employees; it was wonderful to look at the unity, strength and togetherness of these employees who together, make Saffron what it is today.

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