From being a status symbol in the 90s to becoming a necessity in the 21st century, mobile phones have gone through a vast journey of transformation. What was used for just calling and messaging is now being used as a mini-computer and its usage has increased so much that it has already surpassed the number of people accessing the internet through desktops. The modern day smartphone comes equipped with various multimedia functionalities but there is one thing that is common in all the modern day smartphones and that is apps.

You will be dumbfounded to know that in the end of the second quarter of 2020, all the Android users were having the option to choose from 2.7 million apps and more than 21% of millennials open an app more than 50 times a day.

Till now, you must have realized the proliferation of mobile apps and because so many people are using mobile apps, how can you miss it while running a firm?

More than 42% of the small businesses from all around the world are currently having at least one mobile app and if you want to join this fruitful race of mobile app then you must get familiar with the top mobile app trends for 2021 as this will make your app more effective and relevant.

The influx of Artificial Intelligence

Investment in AI is increasing at a very fast pace and you will be surprised to know that it is increasing more than double the normal rates. By taking advantage of advanced analytics, machine learning techs, and cognitive interfaces into complex systems, AI is allowing businesses to do things that were not possible before, even in the case of mobile apps.

If you are looking forward to making your mobile app relevant in the year 2021 and further then you should never forget to understand the implication of AI and use it in your mobile to improve customer experience.

Mobile apps driven by cloud

In the modern era, everyone is aware about cloud computing and just like all other sectors, it is proving to be highly transformative in nature in mobile apps as well. You must have already heard about cloud computing being used to develop mobile apps and now mobile apps are even harnessing power from the cloud platform while occupying maximum space on mobile phones.

Gone are those days when you forced the users to download everything on their mobile phone as modern day users want to use all the features of a mobile app without wasting too much of their mobile space. Such demand has fueled the growth of cloud driven mobile apps.

Apps for flip phones

Everyone might have buried their wishes of owning a flip phone since touch screen phones wiped out the rise of flip phones. But you should know that flip phones are now making a comeback. Giant companies like Samsung and Huawei have already started launching their new range of flip phones.

If you look from an app development point of view then you will need to customize your apps according to these phones because there are maximum chances that in the future, a big chunk of your customer base will start using flip phones.

5G implementation

If you are looking forward to improving the performance of your mobile app then you will have to understand the diversification and improvement of cellular connectivity throughout the globe. In the modern era, 5G has become a benchmark for internet speed, network effectiveness, and spectrum efficiency.

The rise of 5G will have multiple effects on mobile app development as well. The performance of your mobile app will need to be aligned with the perks of 5G. For example, 5G connectivity will further improve the implementation of AR, 3D gaming, and improve data security as well. So, make sure that your mobile app thrives on the advantages of 5G connectivity.

IoT powered apps


IoT powered apps

We will soon move to a world where everything will be controlled through a single tap on most of the smartphones. And modern day technological marvels like IoT are making this possible way earlier than our expectations.

You should know that IoT basically develops a network of interconnected devices that always share data with each other in a unique interoperable way. All the data is basically controlled by a mobile app and this allows the user to control everything remotely. For example, users can take advantage of a mobile app in order to set the temperature of the AC before they reach home.

So, the next time you plan to develop a mobile app, you will have to consider the effects of IoT on it.

Augmented Reality

One of the best things about augmented reality is it’s easily compatible with mobile phones. By incorporating virtual objects in your surroundings, augmented reality enhances the experience of the users and this is why augmented reality is being considered as one of the most important aspects of 2021 mobile app development.

All the mobile apps out there that are already using this technology are very famous among youths since it offers them a unique experience that can’t be matched with any other app. You can see the implementation of this technology in mostly gaming apps and photo related apps. But you can use this technology in many different ways.

Mobile wallets

Gone are those days when cash was the only option when it came to any kind of payment. We then moved to the era of debit and credit cards and now slowly, the world is moving towards mobile wallets.

Different types of mobile payments like Apple Pay are growing at a very fast pace. And because of the lockdown and the pandemic, the usage of mobile wallets for making different kinds of payments will keep on increasing.

Because of the rise of mobile wallets, mobile developers will have to make sure that incorporating mobile payment in their toolbox. But at the same time, you will have to be 100% sure about the safety of the mobile payment since all your customers will be using it and it will hold sensitive information.

Biometric authentication

Using your body parts for proving that it’s actually you are slowly becoming a new normal for most of the people when it comes to authentication on the digital platform. Because of this, most of the modern day smartphones are coming with fingerprint scanning.

If you are planning to develop a mobile app that will hold sensitive information related to the bank accounts of people then you will have to make sure that your app comes equipped with biometric scanning. Most of the modern day banking apps come equipped with biometric scanning since this type of security layer can’t be easily branched.

Nearby networking and Beacons

Beacons might have been around for a long period of time but this technology hasn’t been able to mature. You should know that beacons are devices that emit Bluetooth Low Energy or what is more popularly known as BLE. These signals can be easily read by smartphones and even smartphones can be used to respond to these signals as well.

If you are running a brick and mortar shop and planning to launch a mobile app then you can incorporate Beacons in your mobile apps feature so that you can easily send information to all the customers entering your store.

Mobile app development is no longer an option for most of the businesses out there rather it has become a necessity. It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or how small your business, you can always harness the power of mobile apps. But make sure to incorporate the trends mentioned in this blog post while developing an ideal mobile app for your firm.


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