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Just having a beautiful website or app is not enough, you’ll have to think about your users every step of the way to deliver the kind of user experience that makes your brand memorable and brings back users.

Delivering a thoughtful end-user experience is at the heart of all UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) services and that is only possible when you know exactly what is causing friction with your target audience. Luckily, our UX specialists are extremely gifted at that and our able designers are well versed with optimizing everything UI/UX related that is not chiming well with your target audience.


User Interface Design

  • Storyboarding & sketching wireframes
  • Designing prototypes & mock-ups
  • Adding visual elements
  • Logo design, Typography & Branding
  • UI testing & validation

User Experience Design

  • Enhancing the navigational flow
  • Keeping friction at the bare minimum
  • Making the product easily usable & accessible
  • Taking care of User satisfaction
  • Optimizing the entire product for conversions


Business Research

Gaining a deep understanding of your business and your target audience is our number one priority when it comes to delivering amazing user experiences. Only when we are well aware of the true needs of your customers and their exact pain-points, we will be able to deliver an experience that makes an impact on your users. We help you discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions according to real user expectations.

Creating Wireframes

To make sure every element is presented in the right way and at the right place, we carefully design an internal structure. Our team develops apt wireframes that represent all the UI elements that are necessary for your app. We further test the workflow and navigation with precision to the overall internal structure in this step of the process.

Visuals and Branding

After the wireframes are finalized and the UX is streamlined, our design team gets to work. We create and add buttons and placeholders, designing the color scheme, and more in order to transform those skeleton/wireframes into an attractive design. The way your product looks and feels can be a making or breaking factor for your business. We usually base the colors, themes, logo and other visual elements of your product on the initial audience research conducted in the first step. Also, we know the power of branding and the effect it can have on the UX. Accordingly, we make it resonate in the deepest sense with your target audience and keep it consistent for increased exposure and awareness.

Front-End Development

Using the latest available technologies i.e Kotlin or Java for Native Android, Swift or Objective C for Native iOS and in case of Hybrid we are comfortable working with Flutter, React Native and Xamarin, we make sure the finalized design structure is translated into a fully functional code that will serve as it’s backbone and bring the design to life. We code keeping in mind the latest industry standards and you have our full support when it comes to integrating the back-end with the design. We will make sure it works like it’s supposed to and doesn’t hamper the design elements of your product in any way.

Quality Assurance

Our QA testers take over the project in this step and thoroughly go through each and every navigational level of your project mimicking user behavior. All the irregularities on the developed website or app are highlighted and fixed under quality assurance to ensure a smooth UX.

Product Migration

In the case of an app, after a green light is given by our QA testers, we ship your app to your preferred app marketplace (Google Play Store or Apple App Store or both). We use the best proven ASO strategies to organically bring your app to the top in the app store. Also, we indulge in various app promotional activities to foster downloads right off the bat.

User Acceptance Testing

On your behalf, our UX specialists will set the relevant KPIs, conduct remote and face-to-face user testing sessions and perform detailed analysis to transform raw data into actionable insights that we use to enhance the user experience of your website or app in folds. The process goes on until the testers give a thumbs up. By tweaking the UX bit by bit, making your product better is the main motive of this step.

Code Handover and Maintenance

After your project’s UX is optimized to the max and is accepted by your users, we handover every line of code that helped us lay the actual foundation of your unique project. Also, you can rest assured after your project is live as our developers proactively monitor it to ensure its optimum performance at all times, so you don’t lose customers.


Increased User Engagement

Our UX specialists do everything they do to make sure your users engage with your product and are not overwhelmed by it. We try to keep the friction levels at the bare minimum for your users.

Branding that Sticks

When it comes to leaving an impact on your users, our designers are well-versed in making your product stand out in the best light possible that chimes well with your users and keeps them coming back for more.


Everything we do for your product is done keeping conversions in mind. Obviously, what good is your awesome product if no one is interested in using or buying it? We have been acing the art of making conversions since our inception.

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