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Our GPRS system is based on the latest technology (IoT) and high grade material to assure compliance with industry standards. Our GPRS Vehicle Tracking system can be availed within stipulated time at affordable prices.

More Details:

We possess premium quality of GPRS Vehicle Tracking System that is leveraged by dispatchers to track truck and driver location through GPS device. The dispatchers will have password protected dashboard and from this dashboard they can add/delete/edit trucks and drivers information.
Every driver will have individual dashboard where they can check all the detail of allocated vehicle. The Super Admin can download reports of drivers or service providers from anywhere and can even pull this data in excel form. Super Admin can incorporate sub admins as per requirement.

What we offer:

Saffron Tech offers GPRS created leveraging latest technology. We offer different specifications and models to offer tailored solutions to our clients. The ability to automate, quickly secure, draw insight and aggregated from data will define your success.

  • Our GPRS tracking system can connect all your operational systems
  • Links IT systems to operational network
  • Comes with complete security
  • Leverage data in an effective way.

With our customized and smart planning along with implementation process, we can improve following areas:

  • Security
  • Automation
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Intelligence.

Why us?

  • Saffron Tech deliver highly secure and intelligent solutions in the dynamic digital world of IoT.
  • We have perfect blend of consultant and technical experts, not just create but solve business problems. Our rich skillsets help us maintain high standards for scalability and expertize.
  • Scaling to millions of connected devices, people and technology have to work together for effective solutions. We possess both, solution and expertize.
  • With increasing digitalization, maintaining security and data privacy is emerging crucial, from sensor to server. Saffron Tech is built on the foundation of trust.
  • We possess simplified security, technologies and management frameworks for higher efficiency.


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