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Xamarin Based Applications

Developing apps for multiple platforms or devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows can lead to duplication of efforts and requires multiple teams, codebases, and tool sets. Xamarin is a pioneer software company that works on the principle of write once, run anywhere. At Saffron Tech, we integrate our mobile app development services with Xamarin toolsets to enable cross-platform implementations for our clients.

Multi-device functionality

Xamarin-based applications combine all the productivity benefits of C# and .Net framework, which gives flexibility to develop apps for a multitude of devices. Get seamless access to over 2.5 billion devices using Xamarin.

Development process

With the native Android, iOS, and Windows code developed in C#, we develop powerful and intuitive apps for our clients. Through Xamarin toolsets, we also ensure backend integration, cloud services, leverage existing libraries, and UI controls into mobile apps.

Automated testing process

Through our automated testing process, bugs are eliminated at the testing phase and can run across 2000 devices to enable accelerated development. Our designers focus on the visual appeal of the apps to optimize its online efficacy.

Speedy Distribution

Xamarin apps are hybrid applications that function across native app stores that can double up web and mobile web implementations. With sophisticated team management, distributing applications across platforms is quick and efficient.

Strong support

We believe in round-the-clock support at Saffron Tech. We also  provide cutting-edge analytics, integrate user feedback, and upgrade with a quick turnaround time.


By customising to your scale of needs and powerful workflow integrations, our app development services are ideal for enterprises of any size. Thousands of companies have benefited from using the Xamarin approach. You could, too!

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