Digital workplaces are the future and investment to gain access to future competitive markets. At Saffron Tech, as a trusted Microsoft partner we will help you transform your digital workplace with Office 365. Our team of Certified Microsoft professionals will help you leverage the ‘anywhere access’ features of Office 365 to maximize productivity and employee efficiency. With our interconnected and transformational services, we will help you exploit the Office 365 features for simple and most complex enterprise deployments.

Why us for Office 365 services

Transforming from a legacy environment to cloud-based digital services requires detailed planning and skilled execution. Email, unified communications, social and data analytics, messaging, etc., needs to work together. Integration, especially with backend systems is a complicated process requiring experts in the fields. A smooth transfer without disrupting business operations or future breakdown requires the right partner to manage a complex project. And that’s where we come in – to meet your challenges head-on and deliver an experience par excellence.

Benefits of Office 365

  • Quicker return on investment through the cost-saving implementation
  • Eliminates recurring hardware and software up-gradation expenses
  • Mobility to users with flexible accessibility
  • Enhances individual and collective productivity

Value-added Services by Saffron Tech

  • Design a cloud transformation strategy to address integration and customization challenges
  • Provide collaboration analytics, continuous monitoring, and application support
  • Detailed end-user training and support to ensure platform readiness
  • Unique migration methodologies and tools for a productive cloud environment
  • Accelerated installation of modern communication gadgets and establish a unified communications ecosystem

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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