We have an inventory management system with essential features integrated with it. Our inventory software is best for high-volume multi-channel applications and warehouse management.

We help you in staying empowered by managing your inventory with our inventory management system.

We Offer

Centralized Inventory

With our centralized inventory, we help you remain updated with product counts by keeping them in a single place. The centralized inventory feature helps you in controlling stock across various locations.

Prevent Stockouts

Our reordering thresholds feature prevents stockouts for each product. For quick reminders, email notifications are sent to the admin to reorder those products. You can quickly purchase the product within minutes.

Dedicated Web Teams

If you’re looking for a more on-hand approach for your project where you desire complete control of the development or testing cycle, Saffron Tech offers a dedicated team of project managers who work on your project scope and follow your guidance and recommendations.

Customizable Reporting Engine

A powerful reporting engine offers customizable reports that offer ideal reports for quick and essential business decisions. Our advanced reporting provides second inventory evaluations for reordering and forecasting capabilities.

Warehouse Management

Our Inventory management software centralizes your inventory across various warehouses. Any changes made in the stock inventory software automatically and instantly get updated to all the channels.

Wireless Barcode Scanning

Our comprehensive solutions increase the accuracy of inventory and warehouse productivity. This can be installed without hiring expensive integration consultants.

Precise Inventory Management

Our precise inventory management feature helps you locate any particular item in the entire warehouse within the blink of an eye.

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