IM Intelly is an Internet Marketing tool based on cloud-based software (SaaS) designed to track your marketing reports and gather valuable insights. Our features help you collect and analyze complete insight into your marketing campaigns featuring your product, competitors, brand, and ongoing trends.

We help you manage your Google Analytics reports, search engine ranking, social media platform, and Webmaster reports.

IM intelly continuously updates you with online marketing reports to save more time, tedious monthly reports, and unnecessary resource consumption.

Automated Marketing Reports

Reclaim your time by creating single integrated marketing reporting for existing campaigns and thriving businesses. Get a comprehensive report that constantly tracks your search engine performance supported by Google Webmaster and Analytics.

Access Data

You can have access to numerous data sources such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Search Analytics from Bing Ads, Google Search Console, and many more.

Better and Quick Decisions

Get valuable insights with our intellect power to reach better and quick decisions that improve performance results.

Our Approach

Planning Project

Our team members interact with clients to know their business requirements inside and out. We recommend the website that their marketing team requires along with acute search engine intelligence. This step will be followed by setting up the selected account and kicking off things. Our team members will always keep in the loop to address the queries.

Choosing Services

You can select services that can refine your inbound marketing campaigns from our wide plethora of services. You can choose services like keyword ranking reports, Webmaster, and Google Analytics. Measuring your campaigns with established metrics helps you identify improvement areas.

Streamlined Campaign

We help you streamline your business by providing all reports under a single platform. Campaign data such as comparing analytic reports, tracking the popularity of social campaigns, and addressing Webmaster issues, all in one place.

Additional Perks

IM Intelly offers you additional perks such as:

  • White Label Dashboards: Our label dashboard can be used as White Label Dashboard. Your brand logo gets inserted on the IM Intelly dashboard.
  • Visual KPIs and Reports: We offer all the valuable insights of your website at a single stop. Our reports include On-page, Off-page, and ranking commitments. This helps in maintaining complete transparency in our work.
  • Project Management: Separate user accounts can be created on the IM Intelly dashboards to get insight into reporting solutions and internet marketing analytics under your brand.

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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