HRMS tool is a combination that connects human resource management and information technology through HR software. Saffron Tech has designed its HRMS tool to automate HR tasks such as payroll management, onboarding and recruitment, performance evaluation, employee scheduling, and perform big picture activities to improve the workplace.


We Offer

Streamline Business

Our HRMS software is used for simplifying, onboarding, strengthening certification, managing surveys and assessments integrated with the business system for streamlining your work. Our HRMS tool creates a flexible and centralized system to record employee data.

Real-Time Performance

Our software helps in fostering a culture of continuous learning and feedback to help recognize excellence among the team members ( including social impressions, badges, and leaderboards).

Our machine learning algorithm offers personalized recommendations on mentors, classes, and other content. Real-time performance-driven plans along with collaboration tools result in real value. Our management module offers line managers the to recognize top performers effectively with analytics and dashboards.

Forecast Planning

We have planning modules to manage and forecast organizational changes. Aggregate data is collected from disparate systems to visualize hierarchies for laying KPIs and custom metrics.

Fix Loopholes

Our HRMS tools are designed to uncover talent gaps and address them to departure risks across various departments. With our automated scoring feature, organizations can prioritize their planning efforts. Our pre-built dashboard helps evaluate employees for leadership roles.

Social Media Integration

Our recruiting modules allow you to have a wider talent pool. We have pre-built integrations for social recruitment. We integrate job boards, popular social media platforms, and resume management tools to help recruiters collaborate with hiring managers.

Reporting and Access

Analyze payroll and additional benefits data on a single platform. All this data is stored and managed centrally. These reports can be downloaded by the admin anytime, anywhere. You can even provide employees access to only that data which they need.

Attendance Track

Maintaining track of every employee is the biggest chore. With our HRMS tool, one can easily submit their request, which their managers can approve/deny. This information gets automatically updated. Employees and administration can see their attendance track on the screen and get the balance sheet within seconds.

Complete Payroll Service

Our payroll service is in sync with your HR, benefits data, and time automatically. Our software has automatic benefits deductions and seamless time integration whenever payroll is run. Our HRMS software has all the holidays listed and loan records, PF deduction, TDS deduction, and many others.

Why us?

More Organized

With our HRMS tool, you can tune the whole company toward fulfilling major accomplishments and objectives of the company.

Simplified Process

Make the process full auditable and paperless. We help you unify payroll, HR, benefits and save time to focus more on business strategy.

Smarter Decisions

Make a smart decision with centralized benefits data, HR, and payroll data. Invest your money and time in creating a great company.

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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