Saffron Tech provides innovative, secured, and reliable solutions to efficiently manage, build, and run your workloads on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Google Cloud has garnered great recognition as a cloud service platform that provides cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions with a diverse range of AI-ML tools. However, not all businesses can manage or completely configure their Google Cloud infrastructure on their own which often leads to wastage of resources, inefficient infrastructure, security issues like open and unsafe ports.

Saffron Tech can help you in building, running, and managing your GCP systems efficiently. We empower businesses by monitoring and managing their infrastructure configuration, service consumption, and system software while using our proven methods. We can help your enterprise in maximizing its investments in the Google Cloud Platform by offering dynamic solutions that can help you in reducing overhead costs, boosting flexibility, as well as allowing you to access the cloud-based tools. We have our result-driven expertise along with a proven roadmap that can help you in achieving all your cloud objectives. From migrating your legacy systems to GCP, providing cloud management services to provide GCP solutions like analytics and automation, we cover everything.

Why Choose Saffron Tech For Managed GCP Services?

  • Get Faster Results
  • Certified Experts: 14+ Years Of Experience
  • Get End-To-End GCP Services
  • Get Low-Risk, Proven GCP Services

Our GCP Services

  • GCP Migrations for migrating all your critical systems, databases, and applications smoothly to GCP.
  • Google Big Data Offering through which our ‘Big experts’ smoothly integrate your existing data infrastructure with BigQuery.
  • EDP or Enterprise Data Platform includes business intelligence services and end-to-end analytics that allows you to control data assets and insights.
  • GCP Operations includes managed services for your databases and workloads that exist on GCP.
  • GCP consulting through which we evaluate and audit your existing cloud environment and determine a robust roadmap for your business.
  • Automation & Optimization services that can help you in adopting cloud-only solutions like Kubernetes by automating all your cloud operations.

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