Our client offers onsite property management services. They wanted to launch a platform that can help in maintaining the real-time ticket status, which their clients can track and make their process of workflow easy.


  • The client came to us with the primary objective of making the  issues easy to manage through the ticketing system app.
  • Identification of issues through tickets and assigning them to qualified experts is the first step in the ticket system that had to take care of.


  • After thorough research and analyzing the data and keeping the main objective in mind, our platform was facing a few challenges in the development phase.
  • The first and foremost challenge was to achieve client satisfaction by adopting a multiple check-in system. Where one staff member fails in solving the issue, the same ticket will be assigned to another team member.
  • Also, we were required to figure out a way to develop an admin portal. As clients will submit their tickets on this portal, only an admin is responsible for assigning it to the employees.


  • Providing a simple and interactive measure for the smooth functioning of the app with a similar layout on both the Android and iOS platforms is a key to go.
  • We chose to build the iOS version using swift technology, and we develop the Android version using Java, which comes with the integration of API services in .NET to achieve a scalable and secure platform.
  • To make sure everyone is well-informed about the status of their ticket status, we developed a customized notification platform that is easily accessible on every device.

The Result

The onsite property management app is doing well in its target audience market. With our unique integrated solutions, we were able to achieve:

  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy management of property issues.

To have a look at what the app looks like, refer to the given images below.