Our client is running a 20-year-old firm in the IT disposition service sector, which entirely operates in North America and has centers in Wisconsin and Indiana. The client wanted to develop a website that can track the real-time status of IT assets being served by his business.


  • The client came to us with the primary motive of developing a website tracking tool through which users can log in to check the status of management activities on the assets anytime from anywhere.
  • Keeping the primary objective in mind, the project also focuses on:
    1. Web-based admin panel, which comes in handy in managing the assets and their details on the website.
    2. Development of UI/UX
    3. API integration with PHP


  • We created a web tracking portal based on PHP technology, where users can view all the job reports and added disposition via the admin panel on the website.
  • Portal is developed in such a way that users need to log in with a user id and password to have access to details on the assets.
    Cascade Tracker
  • A notification alert has been added to notify the user about the sign-up and password reset activities on the website.
  • Users can search dynamically with the advanced search option and also have an option to download a report as well.
    Cascade Tracker
  • Easy interface and understanding site our main motive, we added sort by feature just by clicking on any column heading.
    Cascade Tracker
  • After the development phase, QA testing has started and helped us find the compatibility score of the website on the various devices and how well it’s performing.

The Result

With the end of the QA testing round, we deliver the project on time to the client.

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