Our client, who owns the biggest online assortment of interchangeable smartwatch straps, approached our developers to achieve seamless cloud transformation. They wanted a more scalable, secured, and robust environment on the cloud architecture.

  • Reducing Costs
    With seamless app performance on the cloud
  • Boosting Scalability & Performance
    For high performance during high workloads.
  • Increasing Deployment Flexibility
    For data analysis and to meet instant demands
  • Instant Delivery of Services
    For releasing apps at a fast pace.

Overview : Modernizing Apps By Embracing Cloud Migration

Our client was awarded the title of “The Most Affordable Lifestyle Tech Brand.” Since 2016, their company has sold over four million tech gadgets; their health and fitness mobile application analyzes users’ daily fitness activities and infuses a healthy lifestyle into their lives.

The prime objective of this project was to offer a seamless cloud transformation of their application as they wanted a more scalable, secured, and robust environment in the cloud architecture. The inability to manage huge workloads, large volumes of data and information had to be dismissed. They also wanted to optimize the response time of the APIs so that they could handle high traffic.

  • Tech Brand Offering Wearable Technology
  • Get High scalability For More Storage & Power
  • Eliminate slow API adoption
  • Develop A Secured & Robust Infrastructure

As a leading tech brand offering wearable technology, we offer premium consumer-grade electronics to our customers. We wanted to develop a resilient application and infrastructure on the cloud to lower costs and ease application portability. Saffron Tech’s cloud migration played a crucial role in determining our growth in the wearable technology market. They helped us migrate our resources to a multi-cloud environment within our budget. Excellent work guys!
– Steven Cosby (President & Co-Founder, American technology entrepreneur)

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Our Approach: Fulfilling The Company’s Cloud Ambition

  • ASP.Net Core MVC with MS SQL Database
    We developed the existing application with the backend in ASP.Net Core MVC with MS SQL Database. In the present circumstances, AXNY is looking to migrate the current setup to AWS Serverless approach due to the scalability and security aspects of the future magnitude of the product.
  • Incorporating Database Migration
    The process included an assessment of the current architecture and its constraints, Database schema conversion, Data Migration, vigorous testing, optimization, and fine-tuning.
  • Authentication SSO – Cognito
    Cognito allows users to authenticate their identity through an external identity provider and provides them temporary security credentials to access their app’s backend resources in AWS or any service behind Amazon API Gateway.
  • Database – Aurora
    It combines the cost-effectiveness of modern-day open source databases with the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases.
  • API Development, Integration & Encryption
    We developed the APIs and started the integration through AWS API gateway, Lambda with C# .net core 3.1
  • Encryption
    The new database automatically supported the built-in database encryption feature, and we didn’t have to use any encryption process further.
  • Mobile App API Integration
    The moment we were done with all the backend API development & integration, we integrated the new APIs in the mobile application and tested them accordingly.

    • ASP.Net Core MVC with MS SQL Database
    • ​Database Migration
    • ​Authentication SSO – Cognito
    • Database – Aurora
    • API Development, Integration & Encryption
    • ​Mobile App API Integration

Our Results

Once the project was live on the server, we provided the system handling support to our client, where our team offered a complete walkthrough of the whole system. We provided maintenance and support to our client (30 days), which included bug fixing. Our client received a better IT Infrastructure as compared to their old application platform. The cloud infrastructure would provide their business with various benefits such as reduced costs, increased speed, scalability, and flexibility.

  • Reduced Cost By 20%
    Lowering costs significantly by running applications on the cloud.
  • Increased Speed – 4X
    Our clients could deploy infrastructure resources at a 4x pace.
  • Scalability & Performance
    Cloud architecture provides high performance when handling high workloads.
  • Deployment Flexibility x 2
    Our client can now perform large volumes of data analysis and meet instant business needs twice better as earlier.
  • Time to Market
    This app migration allows our clients to provide instant delivery of new services.