Client Overview

For more than a decade, the client has been honing best-in-class fashion designs and business practices to become a market leader. Forged in the heart of New York City’s fashion district, the client is driven to blend fast fashion and current trends with classic styles. They deliver custom designs for private label brands & the corporate incentive market and collaborate with exclusive licensed brands.  They have a wide range of distribution networks with over 5100 retailers impaneled with them.

Business Opportunity

The client wanted to make a mobile application that would track and record the user data from its smartwatch/fitness tracker, and generate regular reports based on the user’s physical activity. They wanted their mobile app to act as a daily health tracker to improve their users’ lives and add value to it.

Solution Offered

Saffron Tech developed a robust mobile application to give the client a competitive edge in the world of wearable devices. We offered a solution that was more flexible than some of the other products on the market and made sure that the users were able to integrate it into their daily lifestyle with ease.
We addressed the areas where users were facing problems and solved them with digital touchpoints, by connecting the health tracker with the app to help maintain their health logs and keep them motivated.


Key Features


The first step was to personalize the user experience. The application was designed with User Experience and accessibility in mind. We wanted to create an App that people can personalize and customize to their unique needs and circumstances.

In addition to this, we provided the user with the option to customize the application according to his/her needs. They can –

  • Save their stats
  • Plan their own workout routine
  • Sync the app with their social media account
  • Set their personal health goals

Movement tracking

Since tracking motion is easily achieved and accurately calculated, we added the Geolocation feature to allow the app to determine the user’s location. With this feature, users can track their current position, easily create a custom route or easily keep track of where they have been and where they are going with the useful GPS/ Navigation feature; This data gets stored in your app for the next time to be on the go.


Tactics like Push notifications and in-app messages came in handy for our developers as they used these in the app to help the users stay motivated toward achieving their goals. For eg. The app will notify its users about their next exercise schedule or may alert them if the pulse rate goes high during extensive workout regimes.

Physical Activity Tracker

For an active user, he/she can enjoy their favorite sports/exercises while the watch and the app will keep track of their physical activity and provide them with the data they need to stay informed and proceed further. For eg. the distance they covered, the time they spent on the activity, the calories they burned, etc.


Sleep Pattern Tracker

By far one of the most interesting features that we integrated into this app was the ‘Sleep pattern tracker’. The app tracks your sleeping patterns & their quality which are being automatically recorded by your smartwatch – From features like sleep quality to bedtime, wake-up time, and deep sleep, we track the smallest details that will keep you up-to-date with your sleeping patterns.

Social sharing

To keep the users motivated, we added the social sharing option for allowing them to share their accomplishments with others. This Integration with social media accounts allows them to stay motivated and encourages them to raise the bar and achieve more.

Pulse tracker

Heart Rate Measuring has now become easier with our client’s app. The user can learn more about heart rate data analysis and what their movement state can tell them about their fitness intensity.

Take Away

The mobile application is largely targeting fitness junkies who like to track their health goals. It is thoroughly serving its purpose by providing trackable insights to improve the quality of its users’ lives. The compatibility between the smartwatch and the client’s app is increasingly improving the user engagement and adding up the client’s ROI too.