Ecommerce websites have a huge competition in the US. Inorder to compete with the market leaders you need to have your website stay up to date based on the latest technology and UX/UI trends.

Our client, a family owned decade old retailer of office and school stationery operated out of their California based brick and mortar store. They were not well versed with the ongoing trend of online marketing and ecommerce portals.


In the first week, right after the introduction call where both parties (the client and our tech team) had been introduced, we created a detailed scope and milestone document for the client. The project scope was broadly divided into the following milestones:

  1. Wireframe
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Data Migration
  5. QA Testing
  6. Delivery of the Live Site
  7. Maintenance Hosting


  • The project kicked off with the wireframe and subsequent design and layout approvals dk-spec-2a
  • Once the initial design and theme were approved and finalized the project started the next phase i.e Development
    We had recommended Magento platform for the website build as it is one of the leading platforms for seamless ecommerce experience, both for users and the website owners.
  • We used custom designs for the product and inventory pages based on our client’s vision. Our design leads recommended the best color combinations and visual layouts that resonated with their brand image. dk-spec-3a
  • While the website was in development, parallely we introduced our content team, who started working on creating the content and product descriptions that would go on to populate the website. The client was involved at each review process of the content as we wanted to ensure strong alignment of the final materials that was to become a part of their brand messaging.
  • The Shopping Cart, User Registering Feature and Transaction pages were created with clear emphasis on navigation and ease of use. dk-spec-1a
  • Once the website development concluded. We went into phase 3 i.e QA Testing. Our standard delivery process includes quality assessment before launching the final version of any finished product. This helps us deliver products of exceptional quality time and again.
  • During the quality assessment phase, we ensured the website doesn’t have any bugs, errors, responsive issues and is compatible for SEO as per Google guidelines.

The product

Once the QA phase was complete, we reviewed the final product with our client. Once they were satisfied we started a pre-launch campaign for the new site so as to create buzz online.

Within a week of the pre-launch the website was launched and the project transited to the marketing phase.

You can check out the final website here


Client Speaks

“Saffron Tech has delivered a great product that is not only visually appealing but also market friendly. Our online visitors are giving great feedback and having a seamless experience.”

Valerie, Owner at DK Specialties


While there are a lot of great agencies out their offering development and technology solutions, there are very few who go the extra mile to help the client create a scalable and sustainable business solution. This is something that is in our DNA and we strive to deliver long term solutions and create an enriching experience for our clients.