Client Overview

Our client provides a popular music-based social network platform, a combination of a social media website and music streaming services. It is meant for artists to promote their songs and events online while enhancing users’ social experience for streaming music.

It is an interactive app where artists can sell music and receive payments. A cloud-based social networking platform was designed and developed by the developers of Saffron Tech for both website & mobile applications where artists can create their accounts and upload singles or multiple songs in an album for sale.


Since it’s a communication app, too, each fan can follow, comment, or like the favorite songs of their artist. They can also send message requests to an artist or other fans present on the platform. Our experts offered native app development services and an ASP.Net solution that helps them maintain a large audience base with APIs & an admin Panel on both app and website.


The aim was to develop an interactive and intuitive app using a suitable app development approach while designing and developing a separate website for computer devices. The purpose was to create a high-performing app and a secure one that provides users with a premium user experience.

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Solution Offered

We offered a Native app development approach for their mobile application and ASP.Net solutions for their user website with APIs and an admin Panel. An ASP.NET framework helped us utilize native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation.
ASP.NET requires less coding, maintenance and provides Cloud-Based Web Application Development Support.

Technology Used

  • For mobile application (for fans and artists) –
    • Native App development (iOS – Swift, Objective C)
    • Android – Kotlin, Android Studio)
  • For Website – ASP.NET MVC, Database: MSSQL
  • For Administrative Panel – ASP.NET MVC, Database: MSSQL

We designed some exclusive features for the platform as per their requirement while maintaining secured database protocols that offer an added security edge. The following features are the best highlights of the app –
For artists –
1. Artists will create their profiles using email verification and can log in to the app.

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2. On the home screen, a search bar, menu icon, and notifications will appear.
3. They can create/manage new albums and their gallery.
4. They’ll be able to manage their messages, view recent conversations and chats.
5. The Artists will be able to contact support or help with any queries.
6. The Artists will also view all the static information such as Acknowledgements, Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, etc.

For fans –
1. They can create, signup, log into their account via email verification.
2. A search bar, menu icon, list of artists they follow, and notifications will appear on the home screen.
3. In the album section, they can view the latest albums, album details, and artist details.
4. Under my downloads, they view/manage albums and songs they have purchased or downloaded.
​5. The fans will be able to view/manage their playlists, messages, and account settings.
6. The Fans will be able to contact support or help with any queries.

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For super admin`-
1. The admin panel will allow for the overall management of the app, including content management and targeting, user privileges for content editing/publishing, management and review of requests/inquiries received, and generation of various reports.

2. Admin will have a password-protected web admin dashboard, and this will be accessible by the admin only.

For website –
The website includes all the standard elements, such as the Home page (main landing page), where customers will be arriving for the first time. A website, header, logo, about us, latest albums, top artists will appear in front of the users. An app download link for artists will be there too. Apart from that, the footer section will have privacy policies, terms and conditions, and social connections.

The music-based social network platform is a unique milestone as it was developed for both app and website users. It works seamlessly on all iOS and Android platforms as well as on a web domain.