Client Overview

Our client provides a social polling platform that helps their users find an interest-oriented doppelganger by allowing them to create polls to see which other users have similar interests. It operates like a dating app that allows users to get their perfect match based on similar interests.

This case study covers phase 1 of the project that took place in 3 stages. Our clients wanted a user-friendly app that their consumers can easily download via email or mobile number. The app also allows communication within itself; therefore, users can send direct messages to their interests.

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Our experts at Saffron Tech proposed a Hybrid (React Native) app development solution and ASP.NET for backend development. For app development, we utilized conventional web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.


We aimed to develop an interactive and intuitive app using Hybrid (React Native) app development and ASP.NET for backend development to handle a large user base easily.

We focussed on building a user-friendly app that provides a seamless experience because the app facilitates user-generated content via subsequent poll creation.

Solution Offered

Developers and experts at Saffron Tech provided a Hybrid (React Native) app development solution for an enhanced user experience along with ASP.NET for backend development. Hybrid apps offer a combination of premium elements that benefit both native and web applications.

​The ASP.NET framework has several benefits, such as native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation. It’s much easier to write and maintain pages with this framework.

ASP.NET Core framework delivers top-notch performance, easy deployment, reliability, and security which is essential to secure all the information within the app.

Technology Used

Mobile Application (iOS) for Users – Hybrid (React Native) App Development

Super Admin Panel – ASP.NET MVC, Database: MSSQL

We designed some exclusive features for the platform as per their requirement while maintaining secured database protocols that offer an added security edge. The following features are the best highlights of the app –

  1. Signup & login – Users can signup via email or social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. After email verification, they can add their details like name, city, personal interests, etc. They can log in by using their email address and password.
  2. Home Screen – After logging in, the most Similar Interests will appear on the home screen along with filter options and other buttons like home, polls, and profile.
  3. Polls – Users can view or manage their polls; they can customize their polls by changing images, poll titles, creating new polls, etc.
  4. Profile & user details – A user will be able to view/manage their account. They can add some basic profile details, political, religious, and other interests as well.
  5. Direct messaging – A user can send a direct message to other users with similar interests only. They can view their recent chats or send new messages.
  6. Super admin – The admin panel will allow for the overall management of the site, including content management and targeting, user privileges for content editing/publishing, management and review of requests/inquiries received, and generation of various reports. Admin will have a password-protected web admin dashboard, and this will be accessible by the admin only.


The app is a social polling platform with similar features to a dating app developed for mobile app users. It works seamlessly on all iOS and Android platforms as well as on several types of smartphones.