Client Brief

Applied Risk was founded with one core mission: to secure critical assets in the industrial domain against emerging cyber threats. As a major cybersecurity player within the Industrial Automation and Process Control field, their primary objective is to offer the most advanced Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security technology solutions.

They had already established themselves as the industry leaders in Industrial Control Systems Security in Amsterdam and wanted to expand their reach worldwide.

Our Challenges

  • Considering the domain they are in, presenting and explaining all their services in their blogs and web pages was surely a challenge for our writers as it required hours of fully understanding what they do and their unique proposition.
  • For Applied Risk, marketing pitches had to have the right (easy) tone and needed to be made to the right people. Seriously, no one likes to be pitched about mission-critical security systems if the topic is of no interest to them.

Our Solutions

  • Applied Risk is in an industry that not many people understand but at the same time, the usefulness of the services that they provide cannot be ignored. We decided to use Blogging as a major marketing medium to spread awareness about exactly what they do, get more eyes on Applied Risk, and increase its rankings on Google.
  • We updated all the content on their website and fixed its site structure to comply with Google. In order to do so, we extensively researched their domain and presented what they do in the simplest language possible, which was hyper-targeted to their target audience but still was wrapped around keywords for some obvious SEO benefits.
  • Built quality backlinks for Applied Risk via informative guest posts, local listings, directory submissions, and other marketing mediums.
  • Due to all these efforts, Applied Risk was able to garner 10x more traffic than what they had when they approached us, plus a myriad of high-quality backlinks that would continue to generate relevant traffic for them with time. Their initial traffic stood at 46, while their current traffic stands at 525.

Our Results

Keywords Present Ranking Initial ranking
SCADA penetration testing 8 NF
scada hacking training 1 NF
ICS/SCADA Security Assessment 2 NF