Business Process Automation-Boost Productivity, Efficiency and Accuracy

Business Process Automation (BPA) helps build process-based applications, automate routine tasks, and manage your data efficiently. 

Business owners know how risky it is to invest in your resources without breaking the bank? You are always on the lookout for the right tools to manage your day to day business operations. A Business Process Automation software can help boost your productivity, efficiency and accuracy. 

In the business process management, manual efforts are replaced with technology to execute the recurring tasks or process within the business environment. This helps achieve greater efficiency, cost minimization and streamlined processes.

Saffron Tech’s Products To Make Business Process Automation Efficient & Effective

KRA Management

KRA Management

Key Result Area (KRA) Management is your ultimate management tool to track performance and measure the skill set of your team.



With HRMS you can streamline the process of payroll management, recruitment and onboarding, attendance management, and many other arid tasks.



The KORE dashboard is developed for optimizing the efficiency of teams and for the effective task management in organizations.

IM Intelly

IM Intelly

IM-INTELLY is your single best solution for the problems you face in tracking Internet Marketing metrics.

Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management

You can use the TimeSheet Management System to track and measure the time taken by employees to complete a task.

Business Process Automation for end to end business process management.

Business Process Automation involves following a strategic and steady approach to integrate automation in your business. It caters to a specific end-goal and keeping your business and the end goal in mind. BPA is used to formulate customized and error-free solutions. The whole process of BPA is analyzed and tracked to measure its efficiency.

Why business process automation?

By leveraging business process automation, enterprises can replace manual labor and execute recurring tasks efficiently with greater accuracy. Most businesses automate their workflows to achieve these benefits

  • 1Higher productivity
  • 2Greater job satisfaction
  • 3Improved efficiency
  • 4Increased accuracy
  • 5Total audibility and tracking
Advantages of using BPA

Advantages of using BPA for businesses.

Apart from these, BPA ensures that the enterprise has a clear and transparent work process. This is implemented right from the beginning: the designing stage of the automation process. 

The automation process lets you know the ins and outs of the tasks and the persons involved for a certain task so that a clear and precise workflow is operated. This also makes it possible for you to get insights by analyzing the process automated by BPA. The analysis can show you the shortcomings in your workflows.

Another beneficial outcome of automating business processes is standardized operations. The automated processes follow an established set of rules which results in standard outputs. These standardized results are achieved by standardizing the processes involved to establish your enterprise as a reliable one. This reliability further escalates into the growth of your customer base. 

By integrating automation into the business process, BPA ensures the streamlining of processes. This in turn results in faster turnaround times, customized notifications, firm accountability and valuable insights. It also eliminates the unnecessary and wasteful tasks to focus on the significant work that contributes towards enhancing the value. 

Automation processes also create a central database of your enterprise data on cloud-based platforms. This allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere. Also as the manual intervention is limited the scope of error is reduced significantly. This also facilitates human labor to be used in tasks that require human judgment as the recurring tasks are taken care of by the automated processes.

Also, BPA ensures greater efficiency. As the automation process is continuously improving processes the efficiency levels increase as a direct result. Other benefits include greater customer satisfaction which is a direct consequence of standardized operations, compliant regulated products, and faster goal achievements.

What business processes need automation?

Business process automation can be implemented in small and large businesses alike. It is not bound by a handful of functions. The automation technology instead can create customized business solutions leveraging the technology. Here are some of the areas where business process automation can prove to be beneficial.

  • 1High-volume tasks
  • 2Tasks that require multiple people
  • 3Compliant regulatory tasks that require an audit trail
  • 4Time-sensitive tasks
  • 5Impacting other processes and systems

If any of your business processes check one or all the criteria mentioned above, then BPA is the way to go. Most organizations use BPA for email and push notification due to their customizable notifications feature. BPA is also used in helpdesk support.

BPA is best suited for data related tasks such as data migration and data aggregation. Automation helps in creating data backup and restoration of the data by its streamlined workflows.

Automation also helps save time and effort in the payroll and employee onboard process by using applications instead of huge piles of paperwork to facilitate these processes. It can also be used to keep track of employee attendance and invoicing.

BPA is also implemented in sales processes, call center processes, sales orders, and product launches. As BPA is auditable and can be easily measured it is used in these processes.

Why Saffron Tech?

If you are all set to take your business to the next level, Saffron Tech can provide you with a delightful automation experience. We create customized solutions for you to achieve your business goals. Having worked in the industry for over a decade we are capable of turning the challenges into long-term business solutions. We focus on providing flexible and sustainable solutions for all the areas of operations within a company. We have a diversified range of services that includes process maintenance to support areas.

Step 01

Before automating any business process we do a thorough analysis and gain an in-depth understanding of your business. We then identify the processes, needs and technical specifications that can help you achieve the desired results. This is a detailed process, which includes the following steps:

Step 02

Integrate automation with Saffron Tech to increase efficiency of your business. We ensure that your business processes get enhanced by continuously eliminating recurring tasks. Here are the benefits you enjoy by choosing Saffron Tech

Our services include

Mapping end-to-end workflow

Identifying workflow needs and vulnerabilities

Create blueprint and template designs for improved workflows

Integration with current infrastructure

BPA quality management systems and support

On-site project management and deployment

Using proven and current-edge technologies

Customization of commercial BPA Solutions

We provide customized solutions for every business.

Business Process Automation

Financial Automation

Facilities Automation

Store automation


After developing automation tools for your business workflows, we monitor the business activity. We ensure that the automation tools are achieving the end goals and efficiently increasing your business productivity.

So If You Plan To Invest In A Wearable App , You Know Who To Reach Out To - Exactly! Saffron Tech.

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