The mobile app industry is booming, and how!

Every year we witness newbies trying to make their mark in the mobile industry, with many soaring higher and another sinking into oblivion.

The startup especially takes time to bolster their foundation and gain credibility from the consumers and investors. Per a recent study, one fourth of the mobile startup fails due to their incompetent planning and development.

  • Unless you have the what, how, and why’s of the app development well-established, how will you chalk out the design and development plan?
  • You wouldn’t want all the reasons, poor design to be why all the time, money, and effort invested in building an effort goes to drain.
  • Maybe the website has not been designed keeping a specific target audience in mind. A website catering to uncategorized audiences in bits and pieces won’t be able to stand the aggressive competition.

Developing an app is a challenge in itself, especially for a startup that is heavily dependent on its sponsors and is constrained by the resources-physical and monetary. The real problem is maintaining stability post app launch. One might not be able to give an exact date and time of a hit; start-up operators sure can identify and acknowledge the challenges they might face once the app is in the market.

If your impressive immediate app installation is just that- installs and hasn’t progressed further, allow us to help you identify and address the hurdles that arise post app launch. This way, you will be prepared in well-advanced either by modifying certain factors or devise a strategy to overcome these barriers:

  • Establishing Yourself in a Crowded Market

There is a slim chance of app ideation being totally unmarked and revolutionary, and if such is the case, it won’t really take much time for it to garner attention. But since the chances of becoming invisible in the crowd of every new idea taking the form of an app, is comparatively higher. This will especially adversely impact the star-ups that operate on limited funds, human resources, and resources. Apart from a dynamic idea, you would also need a strategic marketing scheme to build and enhance user engagement and retention.

  • Getting a Team Together

It can be a challenging task to create and maintain the team through planning, design, development until its completion unless you have hired experts with prominent experience. But this is not practically feasible for a start up. Creating a team that can utilize their skills to align with your app idea and outlook towards the growth of the start-up and in return, are looking for learning experience can be a safe bet for a start up.

  • Scalability

Startup mobile app development companies are often confused between the terms, “scalability and growth,” and also draw a comparison of the same in regards to their business, either too soon or too late. This is what causes them to sink, unlike what’s presumed; scalability is not “expanding a business” like in growth. While incurring expenses in growth will increase as the business grows, in a scalable model, the business has to work towards growth to reach the next, simultaneously ensuring that the expense is low. Post an app launch, the prime focus of a startup should be on the various factors associated with scalabilities, such as time and scope.

  • Marketing

As mentioned before, marketing is necessary to establish and strengthen the presence of your company. This can be a challenge for startups, considering the limited resources. Adding to this would be never-ending confusion of whether one should go with the appropriate or a cost-effective marketing channel. As easy it is for a startup to mark their presence and garner exposure by the market on numerous platforms, equally higher will be its possibility of getting neglected. So marketing an app successfully doesn’t mean spending a massive sum on marketing but utilizing the right channel strategically.

  • Distributed Focus

It is understandable to lose your focus from how your app is faring, once it is performing decently in the market. But this diversion to look for a new technology that is in no way associated with the application can have repercussions. You might soon get burdened with a plethora of pending projects, resolving which can be overwhelming for a startup.

  • Funding

Even before you know it, your startup has already invested a significant chunk of the investor’s funding in developing and executing a marketing strategy for the launch of the app. Finding investors that are convinced with your app idea and its possible success is a difficult journey. They can’t be blamed, after all, it would be a risk trusting someone who is just starting in the cut-throat competition, and there is no dearth of investment perspective knocking at the investor’s door.

  • Frequent Market Changes

The speed at which the market is evolving and how quickly you are making changes in your app development and marketing process is critical for a desirable outcome. Just when you thought your idea could disrupt the industry, the same industry will be seen running after a new concept. While what your application has to offer might be of significant value, to think that it will always stay in demand would be a plain folly.

  • Constant Update

There is a reason why application development is called a continuous process; it needs to be timely updated with additions or eliminations. It is a continuous and challenging process to make sure that the application is well-maintained. The team needs to be on their toes to look out for where the app is lagging per the latest landscape, which features no longer serve any critical purpose. Constant updates are necessary to keep your app relevant in the market and ensure your user base is engaged and retained.

There’s no denying the fact that the mobile app industry is going to expand further, and so will be the challenges and complications associated with the development. Launching an app is not where the job of a mobile application development service be it a startup or a prominent agency ends, you have to make sure that it stays afloat and gradually progresses to make its mark in the market. Tackle the challenges mentioned above to pave a smooth path for your mobile app.

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