Of Late, Saffron Tech was covered by Crowd Reviews, a platform that offer users with unbiased reviews. Jeev Trika from Crowd Reviews interviewed Mr. Gaurav Sabharwal, co-founder of Saffron Tech. This interview covered various aspects including the core objectives of company, major advances, core competency and client relationship management techniques like general themes of dissatisfactions and the ways employed by us to tackle these problems.

All the reviews and rating of the companies interviewed at Crowd Reviews are based on user ratings. The companies who are ranking higher in this platform are the ones who possess positive feedbacks from their clients. This helps the users to select the right vendor.

Mr. Gaurav Sabharwal began by giving a brief introduction about the objectives of our company and how the company has evolved over the years. He began with a brief outline of the services and techniques that are used here. Further, he discussed about the ways employed by the team for effectual strategy that entails adaptable and diverse approaches to serve the clients across world.

Jeev Trika inquired about the tools that Saffron Tech uses in order to keep a strong customer experience and also about the size of customer service. Jeev wished to have a basic idea about the general theme of client dissatisfaction and various ways the employ to tackle them. All the core questions of Jeev Trika revolved around client’s experience of the company.

To the inquiries, Mr. Sabharwal presented the complete picture. He elaborated about the approaches that are taken into consideration for ensuring best services. Mr. Sabharwal also explained how all the client’s requirements and preferences can be understood through right communication. The essential points in the interview included how the company keeps a cultural sink with their business clients for the exponential growth of the company.

He elaborated on the secret behind the steady growth of the company with the years that lies in not remaining circumscribed to the role of a vendor but also in helping the clients to expand the business with effective strategies.

Among all the points in the interview, one interesting fact discussed was about the entire plan of team segregation which immensely helped in managing and mandating different tasks. Mr. Gaurav Sabharwal explained in the interview about how different teams are allocated for different business stratas, irrespective of their business niche.

Mr. Sabharwal also discussed about the initial problem that the company had to deal with. These primarily include the time difference, as most of the clientele are situated in North America. Stating about the solution centric approach that the company follows, Mr. Sabharwal explained well about how each problem can be resolved with proper strategies and discussions.

Further, he proudly presented the three core competency of the company which constitutes Microsoft partner, Mobile Apps development and Digital Marketing. The interview ended on a positive note, clearly stating the objectives, growth, hurdles, core competency and client relationship management strategy.

Apart from being reviewed at such a popular platform, the festive season added to the reasons of celebrations for Saffron Tech. With the commencement of December month, everyone starts preparing for Christmas. All our team members were excited about this much anticipated celebration. A cheerful and festive workplace is like a reward for employees to work hard throughout the year. Saffron celebrated christmas in the theme of red, white and green. All the team members came dressed in these colors. the cubicles were beautifully decorated with ribbons and balloons.
Team members enjoyed decorating christmas tree with lights, hanging ornaments and tinsel. One of the most exciting events on the day was “Secret Santa”. The team members had to pull out chits from the hat and had to bring gifts for the mates as mentioned in the chit.

This was an excellent way to make their bonding even more strong, earn the loyalty and give a head start to the upcoming year. This activity was followed by cake cutting ceremony and distribution of goodies among the team members. All the members exchanged Christmas wishes with each other and enjoyed the refreshments. Such activities helps in striking perfect balance between work and fun. Our company strives towards fostering a culture of integrity and partnership with every employee by celebrating festivals. This helps us achieving new heights of success.

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