This digital age brings in a new business model for consumers, product manufacturers, and retailers. The e-commerce portal is one of them, the platform where the buyer meets the seller while sitting at home.

E-Commerce is an online store that constantly promoting new deals, products, and services. But if you take the point of view of a marketer, there will be a new opportunity at every single minute.


With this in mind, you can’t let go of the audience that is visiting your e-commerce website. To keep your consumers coming back to your website or increase to new sales, you should try to give personalized shopping experience to consumers.

Research shows that 30% of the consumer would return to the website they have purchased previously. However, you can increase this number as per your choice. This can be done by adding some personalized customer experience to your e-commerce portal. There are tons to technology that will help you provide a personalized experience for every single customer out there. Let’s take a look at the technique that you can use to give this experience.

On-site Personalization

Personalization experience that you can provide to customers on your website while they are suffering through it.

1. Use of a virtual shopping assistant.

One of the most powerful things you do is learn about the consumer shopping pattern. This pattern can be obtained with the use of AI. This data can help you to personalize the shopping experience of every single customer and it is important in an online or e-commerce business model.

You can integrate AI-powered chatbots on your website we can give 24/7 assistance to the customers. As compared to traditional chatbots, AI chatbots will give thoughtful replies to the questions even when customers go off the path. Here are the advantages they offer the e-commerce industry:

  • more human-like conversations
  • insightful responses that address the user’s real needs
  • learning capability enables chatbots to get better over time
  • AI analyzes chats to generate highly-targeted offers for the user
  • greater acceptance by users

Even while buying online customers tend to get confused in which size to buy. in the fashion industry particularly this the main issue. One such way to get rid of this problem is to provide with the virtual assistant which can take up some basic information from the customer such as body type, height, weight, age, etc. they suggest what size to buy and provide some recommendations as well.

2. Make use of augmented reality

Now customer knows which size to buy, how they think about how it’s going to look on them. This is ever the augmented reality comes into play where customers can see how the particular thing is looking on them.

If you take in the account of glasses.com, they let their customers upload their pictures on their website and show them how its gonna look. This technique helps in creating a sense of personalization and last long customer relationships.

3. Personalize mobile application

Today the average person spends 5.4hrs a day on their smartphones and the Millennials spend slightly more around 5.7hrs a day. And still, we can tap into this market with the help of smartphones apps.

A lot of businesses these days look to create mobile or desktop applications to help promote their business on devices and enhance their end customer experience. Apps create searching for products on the go which comes in handy as many of the people tend to shop while they are traveling. It offers great customization features not only to the customers but sellers as well.

4. Influence customers

When it comes to engagement be it online or offline, customers always expects to get more value than just a product or service purchase.

“In today’s environment, consumers are expecting a much deeper level of personalization,” says Melissa Gonzalez, founder of pop-up retail consultancy firm The Lionesque Group.

Loyalty programs are one thing that helps to start a community with the customers. Most of the loyalty programs are not created better in the community, rather they are being used to increase the sales more, yeah that is what all the business wants but not the customers.

From the AI and all other analytics, we can create data of the customers’ behavior and their purchasing decision. This can help you to create personalized loyalty programs according to each customer and this will create the image of a good brand that takes care of their customers.

Off-Site Personalization

This where you can convert your customers into loyal customers. Not only your website is the key part for your customers but also how you treat them off-site as well.

1. Email marketing

According to Invesp’s research, email is by far the most important digital channel for online shopping personalization. It is outperforming the other marketing channels whether it’s offline or online and yet remains the most underutilized channel.

Research shows that personalized email gives more ROI and some generic message.

  • 29% higher unique open rates
  • 41% higher unique click rates
  • 26% higher unique open rates just from a personalized subject line

2. Social media

In this growing world of digitalization, ignoring the value of social media is a bit risky. As of today, about 79% of the US population is being registered on the social media platform, increasing 2% from the last year 2018.

Social media is one of the greatest technological advancements that present immense opportunities for businesses to engage and interact with their target customers globally. To target this audience you can run the various campaigns of influence the consumer. Posting regularly about the products that you offer and take help from the bloggers and instagram influencers. Another things you can take in the count is personalized ads which platform is to offer.

3. Notifications

Yup! You heard it right, the notification can also bring back your existing customers back to you. Remember mobile apps, use them to send a notification to customers accordingly. Notifications can be used to give information about the loyalty programs or the various discount offers that are going on from your side.

If you try a bit harder you can even personalize the notifications according to each customer. This will impact more than general push notification and create a sense of community in the min of the customer.

4. Post Sale Experience

After the purchase is being made, your influencing work and all the marketing strategies can be considered successful. However, your work is not finished. Real business starts from here to make customers more happy and have them return or refer your brand to others. Make sure to deliver the product in the minimum time possible. Provide them with better after sales services or customer support. This is the point where you can leave the permanent impact on customers and wait for them to come back.

While the concept of personalization seems overwhelming in the beginning. But following the above techniques makes it far more manageable. If you’re looking for more information feel free to contact us.

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