We are living in an era where you need to perform fewer tasks in order to complete an action and this is what an on-demand economy is. You should know that an on-demand economy allows firms to fulfill the needs of the customer whenever they want and the influx of an on-demand economy has paved the way for SMEs to fulfill all the demands of the customers while offering one of the best customer services as well. The fast-moving world and technological evolution have fueled the on-demand economy and it will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

All the businesses that are thriving in the on-demand economy have made their life and the life of the customers easier through on-demand apps. And it is because of the rise of on-demand apps that delivering goods and services in real-time has become possible even for small and medium-sized businesses.

From grocery to food, on-demand apps are used for various different purposes and that’s why they have become a new normal in the world of applications. If you are running a firm and looking forward to providing a better experience to your customers then you will need to start working on developing an on-demand app.

Go through the guide in order to understand every aspect of on-demand application development.

What is an on-demand app?

All the apps that can fulfill the demand of customers in terms of goods and services and that too in real-time are known as on-demand apps. Because of the rise of the on-demand economy, we have witnessed a drastic change in the supply chain and how people interact with modern day technological solutions.

All the businesses have moved to the online platform and the competition is neck-wrenching on the digital platform. Because of this, all the online businesses have to focus on satisfying customer’s demand in less time and that too without compromising on the quality and the price. As the name suggests, on demand apps fetch the command of the end user and the requested product or service is delivered to the doorstep of the customer.

You can say that on-demand apps basically play the role of mediator between the customer and the provider and this is why such kinds of apps are equipped with features like quick online payment.

Benefits of on-demand apps

Before understanding how to develop on-demand apps, it will be necessary for you to understand the perks of launching an on-demand app for your firm so that you can evaluate the actual performance with the standard benefits.

For providers

  • By delivering products or services whenever the customer needs it and that too on the doorstep of your customer is surely going to increase customer satisfaction.
  • When there will be no mediator between your firm and your customer then you will be able to build a direct connection with all the customers.
  • On-demand apps have been used by millions of firms and they all agree on the point that it leads to better ROI.
  • Since you will be too quick with your product delivery, the chances of converting the leads or prospects will be much higher.

For customers

  • In the fast paced, life, customers can save time through on-demand apps
  • Getting products delivered to doorstep quickly is surely a cost-effective deal
  • Better search options since everything is done on the digital platform

How to develop on-demand apps?

Here is a step by step method that you will need to follow in order to develop an enticing, seamless, and useful on-demand app for your firm.

Identifying the target audience

You will need to begin the journey of on-demand app development by identifying the target audience. And one of the best ways to identify your target audience is to search thoroughly about the most common problems that the current smartphone users are facing. Developing a solution around the existing problem is a much better approach than coming up with your own solution without any market research.

For example, before the entry of Uber in the market, most of the taxi drivers found it very difficult to get connected with a passenger and Uber solved this issue through their on-demand apps and become the market leader.

Start coming up with strategies

After building a team for finding out the common problem faced by smartphone users and after finding out the common problem, you will need to know how you can solve this common problem of smartphone users through an app.

One of the best ways to move forward with this step is to allow the developers to come up with a prototype of the application so that everyone can get a clear picture of what is going to be built.

Choosing the players

When you will start developing an app then you will realize that there are many players involved in it like the service provider, consumer, delivery executive, customer support, etc. So on the basis of the type of app you are developing, you will have to choose the players that will be a part of the app system.

You can simply draw a single delivery of your product through the app on papers and then find out which players are involved in that process.

Collaborating with third party apps

Without collaborating with third party apps like payment gateways, social media apps, GPS, you can never build a fully functional on-demand app. Every on-demand app will receive payment from the customers and for that, you will need to collaborate with a secure third party payment gateway.

And if you are going to build a location based app then you will have to make sure that you are syncing your application with a proper GPS system.

Include real-time tracking

You can never become successful with your on-demand app without including the real-time tracking feature to the customers so that every customer using your app can track their orders in real-time.

You can take the example of your food delivery app in which there are many different types of cool animations used for providing a better customer experience for real-time tracking of orders.

Work on push notifications

Consumers will not keep your app open until they get their order and this is why, in order to keep your customers updated, you will have to give them push notifications. You can again take the example of Uber apps in which the customer gets notified about the current location of the driver or how much time the driver will take to reach the destination through push notification.

You can include a similar kind of feature in your on-demand app so that the customer will not have to always open the app in order to know about the updates.

Don’t forget favorites

It is all about keeping the history of the customer stored but it can add great value to the customer if you will include this feature in your on-demand app. You can easily offer a personalized experience to the customers through this feature and even, it will become easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Never skip Reviews and ratings

Online shopping is all about transparency and this is why you can’t skip the feature of giving reviews and ratings to the products that you have listed in your on-demand app. If you are offering quality products then these reviews and ratings will promote your products since no one out there buys even a single needle without checking the reviews.

Excellent customer support

Customer support is one of the most basic things that you will need to include in your on-demand app and by doing so, you will allow the customers to get rid of their issues without wasting too much time. You can even include chatbots in your on-demand app for better customer service.

Because of the growing online competition and with more players entering the industry, it has become essential for your firm to target your customers through on-demand apps. These apps will provide a unique customer experience and it will also lead to better customer satisfaction. Just make sure that you are working with an excellent app development company that understands your needs.


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