Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are using to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform for a good reason. With its seamless integration capabilities and trusted cloud services, migration to Azure will fully utilize your IT resources and create custom solutions for your business. At Saffron Tech , we provide a complete set of transformational and managed services to help you derive maximum benefit from Azure. We will provide innovative digital solutions that will complement and integrate with your on-premise systems and deliver capabilities beyond expectations.

Benefits of Azure for organizations

  • Extend your global reach with cloud services
  • Lowering operational costs and higher ROI
  • Supports a large range of OS, programming languages, databases, framework etc.,
  • Seamless hybrid cloud capabilities that integrates with infrastructure, data, apps and more
  • Trusted and rigorous security and privacy for your data

Azure Migration Services

As businesses are moving to cloud computing to build and manage applications through global datacentres, a smooth migration remains an internal issue. With our expertise and an in-house team of experienced Microsoft professionals, we will make your transition smooth and transfer benefits with hybrid cloud capabilities.

  • Low-cost and smooth transition from ‘legacy’ environment to Azure
  • Modernization of applications with our cloud expertise
  • Cloud-scale data and Analytics solutions
  • Provide private, public or hybrid cloud solutions as per needs of organisation
  • Unique design for asset portfolios, frameworks and reusable components
  • Flexible delivery process with onshore and offshore experts
  • Systemized process of evaluation and delivery to ensure scalability, improved performance and reduced costs

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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