The User’s interface can be accessed in a virtual environment which is stored in a server on your desktop. Virtual Desktop allows you to use your desktop in Virtual Reality. Desktop virtualisation isolates the user’s desktop and the operating server.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technique which adds a layer of virtualisation between the system and the server. VDI is the process of operating the user computer in the virtual machine whose server is being hosted in the internet.

The difference between Desktop Virtualisation and VDI is primarily the scale of technologies be which they are driven.

Saffron Tech can offer both these services as a package or individually as per the business requirement. We can help you run a virtual machine on your desktop or by process of VDI, integrate the technology is your systems to supply hosted desktop data to remote users.

Importance of Desktop Virtualisation & VDI

Desktop Virtualisation is the simple technology of a single computer hosting a single virtual computer. This has following benefits:

  • Compatibility between the host and the guest is smooth hence the operator finds it easier to manage.
  • There is cost savings as resources are apportioned as when they are needed like in case of testing, it can be done simultaneously on virtual machines when there is a need and avoids investments in machines or operators only for this purpose.
  • One point backup assists in fast recovery of data and also enhances the data integrity.


VDI also known as virtual desktop interface hosts the operating system of desktops computer on a remote server over the internet. It includes all aspects of a desktop that is hardware, software and other resources.

  • Accessibility – The user can access his desktop globally from any device.
  • Centralized management – It allows one to manage many systems so administration is easy as It has few number of master images to maintain rather than physical desktops.
  • Safety – By backing up system’s data on the hosting server, it is easy to recover in case of a disaster or system failure.
  • Cost Efficient – As obsolete machines lifespan can be extended by reusing them as VDI clients.

Why choose us?

  • Saffron Tech is geared to handle all business needs for Desktop Virtualisation and VDI.
  • We assist you in streamlining, automating the processes to have efficient and smooth running of your enterprise.
  • We create a centrally manageable Virtual Desktop environment to carry on the planning, deployment and management of virtual desktops.

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