Capture data with ease using Umbraco Forms. Our powerful form-building solution provides a hassle-free experience for creating, managing, and analyzing data collection. Umbraco Forms workflow offers various features to streamline your processes, from lead generation to customer feedback.

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Key Features Of Umbraco Forms

  1. Form Field Types: Umbraco Forms provides a wide range of pre-built form field types, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, file uploads, date pickers, and more. These field types can be customized and arranged to create complex forms.
  2. Validation and Conditional Logic: You can set validation rules for form fields to ensure users provide valid input. Umbraco Forms also supports conditional logic, where you can define rules that control the visibility or behavior of form fields based on user selections or input.
  3. Email Notifications: When a form is submitted, Umbraco Forms workflow can send email notifications to specified recipients, providing them with the form data. This feature allows you to receive form submissions directly in your email inbox.
  4. Data Storage and Management: Umbraco Forms stores form submissions in a database, making accessing and managing the collected data easy. You can view form submissions within the Umbraco back office, export data to various formats (such as CSV or Excel), and integrate with other systems through APIs.
  5. Workflows and Integrations: Umbraco Forms workflow allows you to define actions that should be triggered upon form submission. For example, you can send confirmation emails, redirect users to specific pages, integrate with external services or databases, or perform custom actions using the available workflow options.

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Q. What are Umbraco Forms?
Umbraco Forms is a form-building and data-collection extension for the Umbraco content management system (CMS). It allows you to create and manage custom forms on Umbraco-powered websites.
Q. How do Umbraco Forms contour differ from other form-building tools?
Umbraco Forms contour offers seamless integration with the Umbraco CMS, providing a unified platform for content management and form creation. It leverages the familiarity of Umbraco's interface and offers advanced features like conditional logic and extensive customization options.
Q. Is Umbraco Forms included in the core Umbraco CMS installation?
No, Umbraco Forms is not included in the core Umbraco CMS installation. It is a separate extension that needs to be installed and configured on your Umbraco website.
Q. Can I create complex forms with Umbraco Forms Contour?
Umbraco Forms contour provides various form field types and customization options, allowing you to create complex forms tailored to your specific requirements.
Q. Do Umbraco Forms offer built-in validation for form fields?
Umbraco Forms includes built-in validation for form fields, ensuring that users provide valid input based on criteria such as required fields, email format, numeric values, and more.
Q. Can I customize the appearance of my forms with Umbraco Forms?
Yes, Umbraco Forms provides flexibility in designing the appearance of your forms. You can customize form layouts, apply CSS styles, and use templates to match the branding and design of your website.
Q. How can I receive notifications when a form is submitted using Umbraco Forms?
Umbraco Forms allows you to configure email notifications. You can specify one or more recipients who will receive an email containing the form submission data whenever a user submits a form.
Q. Can I export the form submission data collected by Umbraco Forms?
Yes, Umbraco Forms offers data export functionality. You can export form submission data in various formats like CSV or Excel, allowing you to analyze and process the collected data outside of Umbraco.
Q. Do Umbraco Forms integrate with third-party systems and services?
Yes, Umbraco Forms provides integration capabilities through its API. You can connect it with other systems and services to automate workflows, perform data synchronization, or integrate with popular marketing automation tools.
Q. Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of forms or form submissions in Umbraco Forms?
The number of forms and form submissions in Umbraco Forms depends on your license. Different license tiers may have different limits on the number of forms or form submissions. It's best to refer to the Umbraco Forms documentation or consult the Umbraco team for specific licensing details.