Testing Methodology – Unit, Integration, Regression and Functional

There are plethoras of testing methodology available. The question here is what type of testing to do? At what level testing needs to be done? How much of testing do we need to do? At SaffronTech, we offer the solution for all the above questions by following a combination of the below testing procedures from the perspective of programmers and at other levels from the perspective of the consumer or the end user.

Unit Testing

The test conducted in isolation on the smallest testable part of the application is called Unit test. As the name suggests the test is conducted on small units of codes to check their functionality. These tests are written by the programmers and are self sufficient and do not depend on external resources like data bases or networks hence making them very easy to write and conduct.

They are the backbone as they form the basis of your code designing and also work as base code for other testing methodologies. They make sure that all your building blocks are performing their function as needed before you assemble them together .So if these codes are written efficiently then progressively you will have lesser bugs to correct.

These can be automated and are very cost effective as they do not get redundant and can be used repeatedly.

Integration Testing

This test is conducted to see the functionality of different units when amalgamated with each other. The Integration test is carried out on various codes and processes to validate that different module and interfaces perform their requisite function when brought together.

It basically checks the efficiency of communication between different modules to ensure smooth functioning.

Our experts are at your service and have the expertise to conduct Integration testing either after completion of unit testing or as an exclusive service. With the help of our mentors you can identify the bugs early and reduce the risk of crashing. Depending on your requirements, we can follow the Big bang approach by testing all together or follow the top – down or bottom – up testing where modules at different levels are merged and tested.

Regression Testing

With scalability as an inherent feature of every application, changes are inevitable. With upgrades comes the big risk of new bugs’ .After the identification and fixing of these bugs it is essential to check the smooth functioning with help of regression testing.

Regressing Testing is an assurance that the changes have not triggered off any defects in other part of the system. It is a check to make sure that the application deliverables are as per the requirement even after all modifications.

Since it is a constant requirement we at SaffronTech have seasoned programmers to automate this test procedure for you which we can carry out for you periodically.

Functional Testing

Before the release of the application it is essential to check its functionality. They simulate real user experience to ensure delivery of high quality product as per the customer expectation.

These tests needs to done from end to end as they are very beneficial to the company for they avoid losses in revenue, unsatisfactory user experience, delay in release etc .

As they are very complex to write and maintain they are more generic in nature. At SaffronTech we advise you at every phase of the software development cycle and conduct these tests as pilot study to ensure compliance with required functionality.

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